What do you spend your life

A selection of really interesting facts, which demonstrates what you spend your life. Of course, there are exceptions, but they always prove the rule;) Because urge to see the continuation of the post. Maybe there is something to change?

115 days we laugh

99,117 hours we spend at work

136 days of his life women preen

23214 hours spend for washing clothes

9 hours, 18 seconds, is the amount of time during which the male orgasm and 1 hour,

24 minutes to orgasm women spend

2170 hours sunbathing

653 spend hours waiting for transport

160 days spent smokers smoking

7 years, we do not sleep at night

6 months we spend waiting in line

20 weeks of waiting for a response

4 years we spend on phone calls at work

658 hours spend in a romantic embrace

3000 hours we spend on shaving

366 days we get sick

11 years we spend sitting in front of TV

5 months of his life we ​​complain

38003 hours we spend eating

5 years of his life we ​​are online (with the development of technology that number is growing)

46800 hours we spend doing housework

26 years we have been in a dream

46 days of his life, men preen


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