Victor Borisov, who lives in the woods

Borisov Victor E. lives in the forest and makes the site from a mobile phone. Life in the forest, as it is described on the above site, similar to an endless feat. Further quote the author: "As I touched the biography of Victor, I decided to check the information. I called Victor to the specified phone them (by the way already during a telephone conversation on 99% I was already convinced of the veracity of the story). We agreed on the time and place of the meeting. At the request of Victor, I brought along a little canned food and camouflage uniforms, which must be in the woods and went to the place. Below is a photo essay on the home of Victor ».

Most of the materials for the house gave Victor a good man, a pensioner Yuri from the nearest village. It helps Victor despite tough soprotevlenie family of Yuri. The furnace used for outdoor cooking.

The main danger with such a life is inadequate hunters with guns, government officials, as well as a huge moose, which often goes to the door at home and languidly breathing.

This place Victor calls "sauna Jacuzzi." All items found in the street, and then plastered, renovated and adapted for domestic needs.

Inside Victor closely, but there is order and even some comfort. In his house there is a small bed, a table, a homemade oven, as well as homemade hand power.


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