10 ways to learn to love yourself

1. Stop criticizing yourself
Difficulties arise when we feel bad. We all change. Every day - a new day, and we live it differently than yesterday. Our strength - the ability to adapt to the flow of life. We are all human, and that makes us vulnerable. Let's learn to pretend not perfect. Each of us is assigned a role to play in this world. Criticizing ourselves, we make ourselves unable to fulfill his destiny.

2. Stop bullying themselves
Many simply terrorize himself gloomy thoughts, presenting any situation is much worse than they really are. Such people inflate small problems before excessive quantities. And how awful it is to live in anticipation of the worst.

3. Be gentle and patient with yourself
As Oren Arnold jokingly wrote, "God, I beg you, give me patience. Immediately! "Patience - a powerful means. Most people suffering from expectations of immediate results. Impatience - a reluctance to learn.

4. Be kind to your mind
Let's not beat yourself up for the negative thoughts. You can take your ideas to build, not destroy. We must not blame yourself for the bad things that happened in life. We can learn from it. Be kind to yourself means to drop the charges, guilt, punishment and pain.

5. Learn to praise himself
Criticism burns the soul, praise it revives from the ashes. Recognize your strength, your divine essence. All of us - a product of the Infinite Mind. Cursing himself, you humiliate force generated by you. Start small. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. But once is not enough praise is not going to work. Repeat it at least from time to time.

6. Love yourself - means to support himself
Ask for help to friends, let them help you. Please help - this is a manifestation of strength, not weakness. Many of us are used to relying only on himself and would not ask for help, will not allow individualism. Still, try to do it, instead of trying to deal with all the problems on its own and to be angry with yourself for what it does not work.

7. Love your negative traits they - your creations, as well as all of us - God's creation. We all happened to make the wrong choice. If we stubbornly punish yourself for it, then we work out the stereotype. Another effective means - humor. It helps to relax and feel relief in a stressful situation.

8. Take care of your body
Think of it as an excellent temporary home for you. You're taking care of your home, is not it? Be careful what you feed your body. The two most popular means of escape from reality - drugs and alcohol. Overeating - is another way to hide their love. And although we often know the basics of the science of nutrition, but continue to use the food and diet to punish yourself and become thick.

9. Work with a mirror, you can work with the mirror in different ways.
For example, I like to come to the mirror in the morning, as soon as I wake up and say, "I love you. What can I do for you today, you to be happy? "Listen, after these words to your inner voice and follow what you hear.

10. Do not wait until become perfect
Dissatisfaction is - just a habit. If you can be happy with yourself now, do not delay, if you can love yourself and approve of yourself, you will be able to enjoy a good and when it will come into your life. Learn to love yourself, you can love and accept others.

Author: Louise Hay. From the book "The healing power within us."


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