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Many of us are afraid of old age. We don't want to look old. We treat aging as something horrible and disgusting.

However, it is an integral and completely natural part of the life cycle.

But if we are not ready to accept the inner child, we can proceed to the next phases of development?

For example, you'll never grow old. What you have this alternative? You leave the planet. Our culture gave rise to the phenomenon of so-called "cult of youth". Remarkably, when we love ourselves in his youth and maturity. But who said that you cannot love yourself in old age? We are destined to pass through all the ages in this life.

Many women feel anxiety and fear when thinking about retirement. Among homosexuals also ask questions of preservation of eternal youth and good looks. Aging means noticed on your face new wrinkles to pull out in the morning, gray hair and RUB creams loses its elasticity the skin.

This is another experience that we need to experience during our stay on this planet. You can understand that we don't want to grow old, because we don't need new sores. But let's not mix all in one pile. No need to think that the way to death is through disease. Don't want to believe that we have to die from the disease.

We are supposed to die differently. For some time we finish all the things that had to do in this life, and then we can lie down to rest or sleep and during sleep peacefully depart. It does not need to be terminally ill.

It is not necessary to stay in hospital and suffer, to leave this planet. We have a large number of books on how to save health. Do not put them aside. As we age, we want to feel great, to be in shape in case life will present us some sort of surprise.

In one of medical institutions in San Francisco made the discovery that the aging of the human body is not determined by genes, and the "biological clock", which presumably are in the brain. The mechanism of this "clock" monitors the start of the program of organism aging and its immediate implementation. Work "hours", basically, is governed by our attitude to the ageing process.

For example, if you think 35 years is the average age, then your belief will push certain biological changes in the body and the aging process after 35 years will accelerate. Well, how do you like it?

Let's say we at some point determine for themselves, what is the average age and what old age means. And in fact, we started a "biological clock"?

Then one can imagine what a cheerful old lady/old man you will be in 96 years. Of course, we know that you need to make every effort to maintain their health.

Remember: as you sow, so shall you reap. Give yourself the full report in how you treat the elderly. When you are old, you will be treated exactly the same. If you have certain ideas about old age, remember that they will resonate in your subconscious.

Our beliefs, our thoughts, our ideas about life and about yourself, always be true. We believe that people choose their parents before coming to light. The basis of his choice is the necessity of learning new and important lessons.

Your Higher self is aware of the situations in which you would have to go in this life, to pursue further spiritual development. Therefore, whatever the relationship may have formed with their parents, take them. No matter what they say or do — you're here ultimately to love ourselves.

And becoming a parent, let your children to love themselves. Give them enough space so they can Express their "I" with pleasure, without causing harm to anyone. Remember that your kids are you choose. We all have to learn some very important lessons.

Loving yourself parents can easily teach the child to treat himself. When we feel its importance, then we can by example teach children self-esteem. The more we work on the art of self-love, the sooner our children will take this approach to life.

Appeal to their inner wisdom

When we're scared, we all strive to gain control. Thus, we do not allow in your life positive changes. Have faith in life. It has everything we need.

Inner Strength allows you to implement the most cherished of our dreams. It can give us a lot at once. The only obstacle to this is our inability to be open to receive gifts from the Universe.

If we want something; a Higher Power will never say: "Well, we'll see." She will listen to your request and proceed to its execution, but this should be ready. Otherwise, your request will be sent to the warehouse of unfulfilled desires.

How beautiful and symbolic gesture of open arms. With this gesture, we say to the Universe that we accept it. And your call will not remain unanswered.

Many are afraid to open because you're afraid to feel "something nasty". Maybe it will happen it will not change the inner spirit, will not disappear the belief that to attract only sorrow and death.

When we talk about prosperity, most people immediately think of the thought of money. However, prosperity also includes many other concepts such as: time, love, success, comfort, beauty, knowledge, relationships, health, and, of course, money.

If you are always in a hurry and do not have time, it's because you don't have the time.

If you think that you'll never succeed, your words will come true. When you believe that life is full of hardships and dangers, that are constantly in tension.

But if you believe that is too stupid to understand complicated things, and never will gain access to the wisdom of the Universe.

If you acutely feel the lack of love, and you do not ladyatsya relationships with people, you will be really hard to attract love into your life.

Well, how about beauty? Beauty is all around us. Do you see the beauty and abundance on Earth or do you all think is ugly and poor? If you have good health or you all the time feel sick? Easy if you have a cold? Do you have frequent pain?

Finally, let us turn to the subject of money. Many say that they are always short of money, And what resources you allow yourself to have? Perhaps you think that you are only entitled to a certain amount? Who are they determined?

None of the above points has nothing to do with the idea of getting something from someone. People tend to think, "I want this, this and this." However, abundance and prosperity is the result of your ability to make.

When you do not get what you want — this means that on some level you don't allow yourself to accept it. If we show greed and avarice in relation to life, and she's paying us the same coin. If we try to steal from her, then she robs us.

To be honest with yourself

Honesty is a word that we use quite often, but nevertheless do not fully understand its true meaning. Honesty has nothing to do with morality or a sentimental piety. To be honest does not mean not to end up in jail. Honesty is the manifestation of love for himself.

The fundamental property of fairness is that we get back exactly what you give yourself. The law of cause and effect operates at all levels. If we insult or judge others, then you too will be judged and cast down. If we are constantly angry, it will cause anger from other people. The love of self and love of the Universe interact on the principle of a tuning fork.

Imagine, for example, that your apartment just got robbed. Do you immediately sacrifice? Are you curious about the reason for the robbery? In such cases, first of all, there is a sense of inner emptiness. However, you would like to know the cause of unhappiness, namely: why have you attracted this situation?

To take responsibility for those situations that life throws us, it is very difficult. Especially when it band trouble. Much easier all the time to look for to blame. But we will not grow spiritually until you recognize that the real value is within us, and the rest is secondary. Everything comes from us.

When we begin to look for the relationship between personal loss and the case when we stole something, we open our eyes.

Taking something that does not belong to us, we some time lose is much more valuable. For example, you can take the money and lose someone's friendship. If we steal someone's love, we will lose jobs. Steal the office set of pens will miss the train or miss assigned for a dinner meeting.

Losses always hurt us and treat some very important areas of our lives. Unfortunately, many slowly steal in Department stores, restaurants, hotels, etc., citing the fact that large companies "not poorer". This explanation makes absolutely no sense. It seems ridiculous in comparison with the law of cause and effect. If we take something without permission — we lose. If you give — get. And differently cannot be.

If you lose something or have you just not got a life, check out: how do you take? Some people who thought and do not suppose about shoplifting, feel free to steal a person's time or to deprive him of his dignity.

Every time we make other people feel a sense of guilt, we deprive them of self-righteousness and their abilities. To be honest in all respects — is not easy. It requires constant self-examination and deep self-awareness.

When we take something not belonging to us, then we inform the Universe that it is unworthy to earn their own work, and also that we can think of something to take away. We believe that everything should be done stealthily.

Grab something that is bad, and you'll have everything you want. Such ideas are all around us an impenetrable wall that does not break the beams of joy and love. We do not allow ourselves to accept the gifts and live in prosperity.

Such patterns of thinking — not the truth about our life on Earth. We are beautiful and deserve only the best. On our planet all in abundance. We deserve to have what you consciously ask for. Our consciousness is always clearly defines the nature of our words, thoughts and actions.

When we realize that thoughts shape our reality, we are closely watching this reality to change your thoughts. If we decide to be very honest, we choose love for ourselves. Honesty helps us easily cope with challenging life situations.

If you go to the store, and some of your purchases do not inadvertently take into account when paying you should tell the cashier. If you paid attention to it only at home or in a few days, then another thing. It is not a question of honesty and awareness.

If dishonesty brings you so much trouble, think how wonderful life would you love and honesty. Everything that is good in our lives is the result of our own efforts.

Let's turn inside a loving and honest look and open many new and amazing facts about their capacities. What we can do with our consciousness, it is much more important than money.
© Louise L. Hay


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