Learn all of Russia in three hours via comics

This is a book for businessmen (!). Those. for adults. Yes, there are comics. Yes, such is the level of thinking of most Japanese. Yes, unfortunately, most of them think that way about Russia and Russian, and they believe that this is the only true and comprehensive explanation. No other explanation they do not need, and it is evident from the nature of comics that everything that the Japanese need in Russia - it is money and power, and they do not just announce it without embarrassment, they do not even understand why it is bad, ethically bad. To understand Russian? What do you three hours and comics under the beer - more on these barbarians are not allocated in the life of a Japanese businessman. However, as in the life of any businessman. This book - apparently an example of how all these millionaires see the world, countries, nations and people.

Then I translated for the convenience of comics. Enjoy. Be warned that Japanese comics reads from right to left.


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