Future Paralympic Day

A day in the life of the steppe.
Author: Stepan lives in Ukraine in an orphanage at Ascension Banchenskom monastery near the village of Molnitsa. Typically, life here is in full swing since 7 am. But on a day when we arrived, some of the children parted rest and steppes still asleep.

Stepan could not dress himself, and take care of him mother Veronica. Stepan was born without arms. Most of his life he spent in the usual orphanage. One day there came the abbot of the Monastery of the Ascension Banchenskogo father Mikhail and Stepan asked to be taken to the clergy. Father Michael took a steppe.

Daily washing his mother Veronica steppes and helps him to put himself in order.

As for the soul, it takes Stepan own. Open the tap he learned chin.

Despite the fact that the heat in a shelter, Stepan puts on her favorite sweater that he gave parishioners.


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