What do you have in the suitcase?

Living customs officers checked daily several thousand Luggage, per day, can not be called boring. In addition to clothing, and vital things, passengers sometimes tried to take the most that neither is amazing items. Now is automatically included during customs clearance of sex toys will surprise nobody. Today, the world in a suitcase traveling cat suits camels, crocodiles and even skeletons. Here are collected the 11 most bizarre things and creatures found airport services.

Funeral Italian

Staff at Munich airport have detained an elderly lady carrying in his luggage in a sealed plastic bag skeleton. What was surprising customs officers discovered the 62-year-old Italian killersha! It turns out grandma fulfill the last wish of his brother, who died 11 years ago - to be buried in their native land in Italy. Well, better late than never! Since the woman did not violate the law, the authorities issued her a permit for the transportation of such an unusual cargo in Naples.
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Camel passion

What to pack a suit with a camel? This question can be answered only passenger, caused a stir with its unusual luggage at Sydney airport.

The situation would not be so comical, if the loader has not decided on the "borrow" extravagant part of the wardrobe. The camel guise he decided to come to the people on the runway, where the passenger and recognize their property. Upsetter disorder was immediately caught by a security breach. But all the passengers were satisfied with such a "performance."

Poisonous baby food

A young American mother calmly directed his flight when airport security JFK stopped her for inspection. It is unlikely that it ever could imagine that such a reaction can cause three bottles of breast milk stored in a woman's handbag. Staff at JFK took over liquid poison, causing the poor guy a drink from each of the three bottles. American offered a drip liquid at hand, but the guards fiercely insisted on tasting. Later, the victim's lawyer commented: "I think that the number of nursing mothers who have received training in al Qaeda camps, slightly!»

Dismembered head in a suitcase

The operating personnel Logan International Airport was amazed to find in the suitcase of a passenger Halved head seal. The man turned out to be a biologist, explained that the cut part of the body of a dead seal on which he stumbled on vacation. The biologist was going to use this copy for educational purposes, but for the lack of a special permit from the head of the corpse remained in customs. Passengers of this flight is really lucky - just imagine the smell of the luggage.

Veteran disarmed before the flight

At the Los Angeles airport, he was detained British traveler Judy Powell. Ruthless airport staff took away Grandpa gift for a loved grandson. But it is the decision was easy. Workers remember their primary duty - to confiscate all the passengers, anything resembling a weapon. Therefore, over the forfeiture of toys grandfather, periodically waving a rifle, they long puzzled. As a result, however, still decide to select. Thus, the terrible "plastic" the terrorist was neutralized, and the grandson of steel and without the long-awaited show.

Crocodile Bag

The arrested at the airport in Manila Filipino argued that transporting live fish in the luggage. That sounds so pretty weird, but what he found in fact, it was much more interesting. The baggage contains three live Siamese crocodile! Bag crocodile - it's still all right, but the crocodiles in the bag - is chaos ... So thought and employees of Manila, sending crocodiles government and passenger - to a meeting with the big troubles.


It's no secret that the older foreigners periodically carry with ice cubes to put them to the sore spot. Therefore, the contents of the bag 66-year-old Sarah Weiss does not feature a unique, but what happened to her at the airport in San Diego was really strange. Ice cubes, sealed with tape, have caused suspicions of security. An elderly woman took three hours or a bunch of nerves to prove service of the airport, it has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden! Generally funny that such intelligent people from the special services all over the world are afraid of no one who saw and who probably does not exist.

Stowaways hid in a suitcase

At a certain Mary Martel turned ticketless traveling companion to New Brunswick. It was discovered only when the woman arrived at the hotel at the destination - in her luggage was a favorite cat. It is assumed that the crafty animal quietly climbed into the suitcase when its owner carelessly packs. Ironically, at the airport "foreign" object was found, so the animal without unnecessary problems reaching the hotel. Fortunately, the airline Air Canada has allowed an intelligent free-riders fly back home for free.

Women weapons

71-year-old Raffaella Mendez ignored the rules of the airport. The old woman was detained at the international airport in Tampa for the carriage of luggage leather bits. The reason for weapons Raffaello began periodic sexual harassment from men. So the old woman carries a lifetime with a gun, "to beat their hands."

Brine against snake

The cat, by the way, is not an isolated case inattentive operation of airports. In India, the passenger was detained, carry with them a live snake. Reptile was discovered only during the flight, the benefit is not to repeat the plot of "Snakes on a Plane." One of the flight attendants the plane surprised jars with cucumbers, left out of the passenger bags. Upon further search of the girl in shoes they found the snake. The most interesting was the fact that the security services considered pickle cucumbers are much more dangerous than a live snake ...

Snack on a plane

At this time in the history again snake engaging only in large quantities and is not crawling. Passengers traveling from South Korea to Atlanta, was stopped by the security service, found in the dead man as a few 3-meter snake in the bottle, and several dead bodies of birds. The reasons for such transportation of luggage holds back, so we can only guess. Most likely, the man decided to have a snack during their long flight, because the food is delivered to board an aircraft, not all have to taste.



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