The most original graduation outfit

16-year-old Emily and Hannah Pound Jagger found an original solution for prom attire.
They were brought before the public in the guise of Barbie dolls in boxes in human growth.
Brought their truck, which was also decorated accordingly.

The idea came about when girls have speculated on the way to stand out at the party. Dresses with zebra shoes do not have to change because they are ideal for "puppet" roles. Boxes were made just two days my mother Emily and cost 330 dollars each. Flowing hair and tiaras complemented by images of charming toy brand Mattel.

On the day of the exhaust coming out of the boxes and Emily Hahn created a furor among the guests of the festival. Emily says: "Hana and I came up with this idea together, and it suddenly became a reality. We wanted to do something unusual and thought to dress like Barbie came by itself. We all love to play these dolls when they were small. It turned out as a farewell to childhood ».



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