The blonde made a fence parking

May 25, 2011 I brought my wife to the doctor for a visit antenatal clinic on the street. Kedrov, 24. Not having to park the car he heard good Wham-bam. He turned and saw this ... blond girl made Fences lawn outside the clinic. came out of the car, was zealously someone vyzvanivat (later revealed that a man in a gray suit with a yellow tie). Prior to his arrival in addition to the onlookers, like me, came to the clinic manager and a security guard.
vyruchalschik arrived, something frayed administrator and a security guard, sat behind the wheel of Toyota went to the lawn, loaded the broken parts of the car, I picked up the crumpled fence and left. 10-15 minutes later I came back with a frayed clinic administrator, giving him something (could not take a picture, maybe an overview of blocked other cars) and taking the culprit events left. 218978b37e.gif

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