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Can suitable for the "Auto / Moto", we can for the "Pavilions┬╗ ...

A small note about a situation in which - God forbid, but can be any.
So: Saturday afternoon, nothing, as they say, no signs ... Location - the shopping center "Aeromol" Borispol city, air, matevo gate of Ukraine.
I wanted to know whether the cheese casseroles, and in the refrigerator - Place the mouse was hung up, and that drove the elder daughter little purchase. On arrival a little twirled along the west side of the complex - there is usually less traffic and there's always the park, but then, as luck would have it - well, no empty seats. I moved to the north - and stopped there.
They walked around Maghazi relatively short, 40 minutes, came out with a full backpack and package and on the approach to the car we had a surprise ...

Of course, after the first "ahtyzhyoptvayumat ..." there was a desire to understand the situation. Moreover, the opponent has left me an autograph and gone, and there was all just 20-30 meters from the main entrance to the above-mentioned poorhouse. That is where the doors are usually revolves Alexander Rodionovich bearded boy in a blue shirt with a walkie-talkie. However, the closest malchik in sky-blue shirt was inside the shopping center in the lobby. He provocatively flirting with the salesgirl nishtyakov sweet, and to what is happening around the entrance and the surrounding area, he was deeply fuck. As, however, and his shift supervisor, which he has caused the alarm. As the head of the entire shopping center guard who was on Saturday due to the mobile phone, and that is in plain text told me that the events taking place in the parking lot around the mall they deeply to one place. The shift somewhat embarrassed, explained to me that they do not reflect events camera in the parking lot, and what happened to my car - it is not possible to find out. And I - was not the first. And my case - is not the first. And the cars they have before, and beat him, and opened, but the management of the shopping center stupid goons to put the camera on the subject of parking view ...

In general, what this could and finish. But I decided on my head to go through. Well, like - though the blood in the long term popyu. Woodpecker jungle. In a word - I called the cops. Hull I have not, but had a keen desire idiotic least once to fix the situation. Fortunately - was smart enough to send her daughter home on the bus, and marinate it all the time in the car. Because I waited for the traffic police brigade exactly 2 hours, not a minute less. Just - I'm sure many do not know, but Boryspil GAI be exactly around the corner from the place of the events.
It was dark ... I managed to see the movie and share sorrows with friends, catch me on the spot ...
Upon arrival gaishnekov marlezonskogo the second part of the ballet.
Captain GAI my car looked skeptical and said with a grin: "Well, tell me!┬╗
There was nothing much to tell: the machine left intact after 40 minutes back - found pichalka.
Captain sardonic grin, yobnul fist on the bumper side (from under the bumper and in fact crumbled every Huet - the car is not washed for a month, I confess), and with a view of Sherlock Holmes, uncover the secrets of the Sign of Four declared: "Why did you, Sergey Putin, we are cheating ??? After the accident did not happen here !!! Here, smatryu: shit spilled out from under the wing, and in fact before that - it does not get enough sleep, yeah !!! So no you car here is not crushed, you invented and all holog fool! ┬╗
At some point, rebya, I really felt, that my roof is slowly moving out from their homes, and maybe I really gonyu groundless demon about all this ... besides the first time in my life I felt ... well, like here to describe to you ... That's the case with you, for example, at school, at recess, when the whole class just went crazy: overturned desks, hitting the board, flung chalk - and you are all the time stupidly sat feverishly copied the homework that is not We managed to make time ... and here comes the class teacher, and all point the finger at you and say with one voice: "It is - the ringleader of this bedlam !!!" And you punished under the full program.
It is not fair.
This word flashed scarlet inscription in my brain and in my eyes and prevented me to think rationally, but ... I got out of the car was not alone. I arrived with my daughter. I realize that thirteen teenager can not be legally witnessed.
But, at least - it is my witness, witness the fact that I'm not freaking out. Masha, as I am leaving the car, I saw: the car was intact.

The results summarize:

GAIshneki made the report, but it pointed out that the nature of the damage is not consistent with the description of their receipt.

Bumper repair costs me at about $ 170, 00 - 180, 00 American rubles.

TC does not bear any responsibility for vehicles left you in his parking lot. That, alas, is very prepaskudno.

God forbid any of you fall into a similar situation, no nail or rod you, colleagues, take care of themselves and their iron horses.




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