"Amazing stuff" person.

Hello. I decided to diversify the incubator. Topic called "amazing things" man. From me is the 5, please do not break. I am pleased to read the history of your life, your mind and your thoughts - write. And yes, thank you in advance that you read me, especially since I had never written
so many letters.
Let's go ...

1) Control your dream - a wonderful thing that has been with me a couple of times in my life, I have dreamed a dream, and I am fully aware that I sleep and I can do in my sleep all I want. Of course I'm still quite young (15 years) did not vocne very decent thing to anyone, though it is now distinctly remember one feeling - when you start to doubt and think
Suddenly everything is a reality and not a dream. Dreams were not such that I myself created the world, I just followed the events in a dream and doing what I want and it is meaningful. It's been 8 years since this will not ever happen again, once it was something like that -
sleep and realize that a dream, but it was not long and I could not get it under control. Normal people can forget sleep after a few minutes after waking up, but those dreams for some reason I can remember has long let.V Internet write about the phenomenon of REM sleep - the phase of sleep is characterized by increased activity of the brain. One sign of this phase is the rapid eye movement, in such moments a person is able to monitor your sleep.
If you have never done that, then buy such a device that's called DreamStalker, developers promise that you will be steeper than DiCaprio in the film "Home", but I Choate is hard to believe in the efficacy of this device.
Links here on this wonderful instrument will not leave, if anyone should - something that Google knows where.

2) Memory. I've always had its problems, bad I memorize any thing but very often with me the amazing thing is that at the time when I was doing 'everyday life', and for no apparent reason can not remember such scenes from his life, that seemingly been forever erased from my mind. The strange thing is that when these memories come - nothing around not even alluding to the similarity of the fact that my brain could remember. They say that people remember everything from his life, but we do not use your brain at 100 percent and can not control the deeper memory, but it is. There is a myth that when a person dies he goes through the whole life before my eyes. Duck sales so I believe in it, I think the brain is activated before the death of a hundred and we live a lifetime in our memories for a second. In general, the brain swing and drink jodomarin

3) The power of thought. I'm sure many of you have seen the movie "The Secret" or "Down the rabbit hole." In general, the essence is that our thoughts they have an amazing thing to turn into material things. There are a lot of different books, training, seminars on the topic, where we were taught how to think and think so that we had all the things we dream about. The bottom line is that it would get what you want, just think about it, to represent (visualize) and most importantly believe,
What do you have to be or better still believe that it is you have (I think the most difficult thing - to believe). I will not go, I will tell that I believe in it, because in my life, well, there were too many "coincidences┬╗:
most popular developments - when, for example 10 years later you remember their classmates, which is not remembered all these years,
and a few hours after that thought, you paradoxically met the man somewhere on the street, or he calls you;
or you suddenly remember about some of your most favorite song is not heard in many years, and in the day, suddenly somewhere you hear it on the radio,
At such moments, you realize that perhaps in this world is not accidental ... Again, this is one of the most amazing pieces of man, which is difficult to take control. I note from my experience that when you have something you want very well, it usually does not happen,
Because it is in such moments, my mind is not right thoughts and feelings ... It is possible to assume that all this makes sense, since every thing around us - which is created by man, even before she appeared on a piece of paper,
It was just a thought ...

4) Premonition. I do not want to write about a premonition like, "Oh, I feel the Russian team out of the group at the EURO," or - "oh I feel,
now I add a super cool image on PL and the theme will take in the greenery ... "No, I'm talking about something completely different feeling. It is difficult to describe it, but I still try ... Try to remember the time of day, when you have got absolutely everything - whatever you're doing at that moment,
Now try to remember what you felt then ..? .. I'll call it a sense of the word - courage. Courage is the moment when you take on something, and you know exactly what you will do it no matter what, and no one else. But I wish that you would understand me and heard - I'm not talking about ideas, but about feeling. Ie for example you do not think that zabesh goal of leaving to play football in the yard or on the EURO; or the fact that you win a lot of money playing poker with friends; or it may be that you will write a masterpiece if you are a musician or an artist. I say absolutely about all life situations - when you're on the courage, when you have no thoughts,
when you just feel it, you feel that today is your day, today you will do it ... I hope you remember and understand what I'm saying. Duck here, have the opposite feeling - when you do not get when you're angry and rvesh their hair out when you're doing everything seems correct but you still somehow nothing comes out. There are people who have a premonition of the failure of the time, such people are usually called losers. But that's not it, I mean the fact that "the courage - a presentiment" - this is one of our feature that not everyone is able to take control. But there are people who can, and they are usually called:
successful, talented and gifted (athletes, actors, musicians, etc. and etc.). All these people are just anticipating that they will succeed. It seems to me a premonition of success (courage) comes with training and experience, but also convinced that without it, you can learn to control this another amazing piece of human.

5) Hypnosis. Wikipedia gives a very classy and a brief explanation of this term: Hypnosis - an altered state of consciousness.
Never encountered strong hypnosis, just say so - faced with a weak, and that as such altered states of consciousness, I felt, but it was only a first impression. I describe all again ... in short it was with me only once, a doctor from the city of Kronstadt, a doctor who practices Tibetan medicine ... I heard about it from a friend who told an acquaintance. So one morning, I packed up and went to the city of Kronstadt, which would meet this vaunted character. Oh yeah, I have not told the purpose of the visit to a very old and strange, and one hundred percent of gray-haired doctor ... And the goal was simple - quit smoking (kicking myself that I have no willpower). Dr. Weaver with the surname, which went minilegendy online - really
help quit smoking. The whole procedure of quitting worth some 600 rubles. and it takes no more than a half hour. The first half hour was a brief introduction on the topic of why we smoke and what should be done so as not to smoke came home. Then there was some treatment is not clear so it is not clear instruments, and in the end he was - hypnosis.
D. Weaver never driven before my eyes what no pendulum, did not ask to count to 10, and imagine that I am the sheep in the pasture and lie in the sun, no it was a lot easier. I just sat in the chair, the doctor asked me to close my eyes and listen, he said absolutely banal things like "it's disgusting smoking
and not nice, it's very bad that the next time I want to smoke, I'll feel disgusting. "after hypnosis, I did not feel anything! Only in ehav bus home to his beloved Peter, occasionally slipped such thoughts like what I smoke, because of this there is no pleasure, came home, I went to sleep quietly. In the morning as there was absolutely nothing but the desire, the desire to smoke no more. I did not smoke 28 days after the meeting with D. Weaver, and these days I lived a hundred percent happy - with the idea that I am free from bondage. A lit foolishly gave up the slack at some point, still regret about that day ... But that's not it ... I still did not understand whether or not there is an amazing thing - hypnosis,
or it was just self-hypnosis ..? .. I heard a lot of stories that people under strong hypnosis, when they inspire a stressful situation, able to turn the machine, push the train to pass through the fire, and so and so.
It is difficult to believe this, but even if this really is, it shows that we still have the ability that we can not control.

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