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Hello! My name is Elena. I live in Lyubertsy. I had a problem with the purchased car Opel Astra. September 14, I bought a new car Opel Astra at the official dealer "Genser", which is located at the address: MO Lyubertsy, Novoryazanskoye highway, 1. pay the above car on September 14 was able to get it, only 16 of September. When the transmission of the car, I visually noticed on the front bumper, it was crooked, the gaps on the hood, too, were of different thicknesses by the manager convinced us that this is normal, collected the car in St. Petersburg. A day later I started having problems with its operation. The car jerked to disperse and move. I turned to him in the same car dealerships. After 8 hours of diagnosis, he was diagnosed with "insufficient oil in the automatic transmission," after topping 300 grams, cars had to just fly, but it does not work, but I eventually did not issue an order-work orders. I hesitated in my car and decided to go to an independent examination. Where I have taken out a prior conviction that the machine is completely painted. Crooked bumper, bonnet gaps and defects paint all over the car. The most obvious is the sand dust on the inside of soot and bogazhnika. The thickness of the paint is from 198mkr to 320 md, is on the line it indicates that the machine has been painted a second time.

Again I asked the official dealer with a request to deal with the situation, explain the reason for the thickness of paint, as all cars standing in the showroom of the thickness of the paintwork from 80 md to 140 md. We head of sales solemnly declared: & quot; What car was attacked by stray dogs that it patsarapali. Or the second option, and the robot program zaglyuchila painted it twice. He had a lot of options, "fancy head of sales to be envied." We wrote a complaint, we refused to accept it. We had to send in the mail. Since the purchase was less than 2 weeks. We need to replace the car. Contact us all the same, "the head of sales," sweet crucifying on the phone, is promised to resolve the issue. We agreed to meet. At the meeting we were invited to a specialist in "tin" with an independent examination. We ask him to take a micrometer to measure the LCP. We were warmly welcomed, the commission of three people: Head of Sales, who argued that he was authorized to address the issues at the level of Director-General's, as "the elusive General Manager" almost does not appear in the showroom and the two "miracle specialist" on the & quot; tin & quot ;, went to inspect the car. During the inspection, the indicators on the instrument "micrometer to measure the thickness of the LCP", different to our performance. Their figures were slightly above normal, 140 md to 230 md. With the words: & quot; So what's the problem you? & Quot; Solemnly declared that the car is in perfect order. Our independent expert asked the question: "Do they calibrated micrometer?" To which they replied in unison that "YES !!!" He piglets attach them to "kollibrovannomu" piece of metal. In the beginning they zavozmuschalis because they do not expect such a turn of events, but later agreed. Micrometer show & quot; & quot ;. -71mkr To the question: "How can this be? You "experts", Head of Sales shrugged and said: "you still prove it in court, whether you have enough money to sue us. & Quot; He practically admitted that the car painted. We started it in detail to look and found a bunch more moments confirming that the car was subjected to body repair. With us, a dialogue has been interrupted, the entire "team shpetsov" retired. We have long tried to ensure that the contact made contact General Manager dealership "Dzhensor" he did not do syzvolil. We called directly to the "General Motors", we listened, and complete silence. We ask you to help us in this situation please. We want to give publicity around what is happening in the showroom. Now we have started to prepare for a long and painful collection of documents for submission to the court. We hope that you will not stay indifferent to our history. All the foregoing is pure truth and nevydumkoy. There are real svediteli it all. There is an audio recording of the conversation of a staff car dealership, who also told the various "miracle stories" of defects in this car. We hope for your help.
Thank you.



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