Why do Mexicans like Superjet

The news that the Mexican airline Interjet - the second largest carrier of the country, has decided to purchase 30 "Dry Superjet" - looked quite unexpected. Until now, the Mexicans were flying Airbus A320, which the airline already 39 pieces, and feel good. When we decided to increase park their cars they were offered the Brazilian Embraer and Canadian Bombardier Aerospace, is considered the leader of the world market of regional passenger aircraft. But the choice was made in favor of Russia. And the choice of a major: the cost of the contract for the supply of 20 SSJ100 aircraft in view of the catalog price ($ 35 million) - 700 million dollars, and provided the transfer options 10 firm orders in general exceed 1 billion dollars.

So Interjet SSJ100 is the first customer in the Western Hemisphere.

The first "green" aircraft, tail number 95023 took off from the airfield assembly plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, October 5, 2012, and, flying in transit through Novosibirsk and Zhukovsky landed in Venice on October 6. There, in the center of customization, the aircraft painted in the colors of airline Interjet, the best Italian designers equipped the interior. A feature of the aircraft was the interior - 93 seats with seat pitch 86, 36 cm, which allows passengers to feel free enough: the airlines usually have this step is 76, 2 - 78, 74 cm.
And recently, the first results have been very surprising.

In Mexico, the machine dangle as zapoloshnye if the average raid Park SSJ100 in "Aeroflot", as reported by pilots in blogs, rarely exceeds 4, 5 hours ("Moscow" - 7, 2 hours), then in Mexico in the first 4 weeks maximum raid turned out more than 11 hours, and operational reliability was more than 99%. Achieved 738 flights for a total of more than 794 flight hours. Registered 7 only delays an average of 23 minutes. At night the planes were performed up to 16 (!) Flights.

According to experts, it is very good results even for narrow-body short-haul aircraft "Superjet" is considered a regional jet designed to fly for short distances, and for him, such figures can be called excellent.

 - We conducted a survey among our passengers, and the results were quite revealing: "Superjet" like more than the Airbus A320, - it seems, CEO Interjet Jose Luis Garcia struck himself. - The distances between the seats, quiet, volumes of luggage racks, significantly higher than installed on the A320 - yet these figures are of paramount importance for passengers. Completely wire control system is more perfect than the A320. On the other hand, we - the engineers, financiers and technicians - are necessary reliability, safety, durability, economy that demonstrate new SSJ100. It is a cost-effective product that is achieved using advanced technology on board, reduced fuel consumption and low operating costs, much better than the competition. Moreover, today it is the only regional aircraft in the configuration of 5 seats in a series that provides passengers with comfort, comparable to the main plane.

In the opinion of Mexicans, "Sukhoi Superjet" has become the key to Interjet airline in terms of development. The machine proved excellent aerodynamics and performance.

Compared with Embraer SSJ100 easier and more high tech. The cost of its operation in 2, 5 times lower than that of counterparts, and for us it is a lot. It is equipped with modern avionics, engines provide fuel savings of 10%. Finally, just to hold his service. This is the best aircraft that we had.

Italian pilots of SJI and Mexican Interjet also point out the characteristics of the Russian plane, talking to us, they expressed their compliments to the machine. In particular, fuel consumption, which was not simply "Ekselent" and even better.

 - "Sukhoi Superjet" amazing behaves in the air - admitted to us Pilot Flight Mexico Mazatlan Diego Esquivel. - It is easy to maneuver, easy climbs, they enjoy driving. I worked for many years at Airbus, and quite honestly, surprised by Russian aircraft.



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