How to shoot a comedy Welcome, or No Trespassing

October 9, 1964, the premiere of a Soviet comedy film "Welcome, or No Trespassing." Funny Bones pioneer history Inochkin won the heart of virtually every young citizen of the Soviet Union! I suggest you learn the 10 stories on how to shoot this magnificent film.

Actually, it was a thesis by Elem Klimov. "I, the student, was invited to the" Mosfilm "and the two associations were willing to engage in this picture - wrote in his memoirs, a prominent film director, author of the brightest bands, like" Agony "," Farewell, "" Come and see. " - The first conflict arose from the VGIK Rector Groshev. He grabbed a stranglehold script Nusinova Lungin and "Do not be so harmful to take a picture of our student!". Tirelessly he walked, wrote, called to the Central Committee, State Committee for Cinematography and another where necessary. So much energy spent force ... But it is, nevertheless, moved to the shooting ».

"The film is always under threat of closure hung so shot it at a furious pace," - said the director. Every three days, he is personally interested in the director of the tape: "How much money have we spent?". Hearing digit Klimov usually shook his head: "You have to spend more to have it more difficult to close!". "Donate now I was 15 May '64. And we have completed the work in the New Year days ... six months earlier, "- he observed.

The shooting took place in the pioneer camp of the Komsomol "Eaglet" in the vicinity of Tuapse, as well as in a camp owned by the trust "Vorkutaugol" (districts of Bor town Aleksin Aleksin Tula region). In the 70 years of the twentieth century, rebuilt the camp, and his former species do not survive. A "Eaglet" was the Russian Children's Center. And still every season welcomes thousands of young Russians.

In the role of camp director Dynin Elem Klimov, as he himself admitted, only I saw Eugene Evstigneeva. "In those years I spent day and night in the" Contemporary ", staring not only all the performances - all the rehearsals, - said the director. - A talent Evstigneeva was just in love. Then, in the movie, he has almost no shot. I say, "Evstigneeva - in any case." We began offering character actors with stupid mugs - clear, so it is possible to shorten the character Dynin size fool. What a fool to take? It is not one I went to the "Contemporary". It was obvious: Yevstigneev bring to the film a social theme. In general, ordered: "Who else but him." "Well, then, who else, but not me" - I answered. And going. It seems that my audacity discouraged ... I agree ... I would not so much to blame as to protect children who are being duped by so ridiculous. Remember banner flickering throughout the paintings - "Children - the owners of the camp! & Quot ;. We all live under the banner "We - the owners of the country!" But they were not, and were not ... & quot;

The main role of the child - Bones Inochkin - invited Vitya Kosyh (later he was only one memorable role in Danka epic "Elusive Avengers"). Klimov considered himself an expert in child psychology: "In working with children can not lisp, - he said. - Adults always feel teachers and children see halfwits. But children, like adults, are talented and not very ... The main thing for the director - to recognize organic smell. And that's how I practice, that has seen the street: a child is talented or not. " Victor Kosyh in high school, which was located in the neighborhood of "Mosfilm". Once in class, where he studied under Victor, adults came from "Mosfilm" and asked, "Who can swim?". The boys realized: those who know how to swim, be removed from school. And all together raised their hands, including Victor, though he could not swim. All volunteers (20 children) were brought to the studio. Elem Klimov asked each to read a poem or fable. Victor Kosyh later recalled that he read with expression as taught in school. But it seems not very good. However, Klimov, he liked it. "Because it is not out of tune", - said the director.
But first Vitya was cast Marat - other bones. Vita did not like, because, according to the scenario, the children had to jump into the nettles to feign illness and cancel Parents' Day. Therefore, when he still got the main role, he is very happy that.

But tests on the share of Viti and Glory Tsarev, who played the guy with the memorable phrase: "What are you doing here?", Still fell. To remove the final scene, where the boys are flying over the river, they hung on a thin rope to the very dome of the pavilion "Mosfilm". For safety missed two steel filaments, which are stuck into the body. The boys broke even escape. And Vite 27 times had to eat a pot rassolnik. Moreover, with greed and appetite. After that, a small actor for a long time I hated the soup.

Incidentally, the role of Fame Tsarev in the original script is not provided. It appeared, by accident. "Somehow we have to Larissa (Larissa Shepitko - film director Elem Klimov's wife) visited at the next children's festival in the Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills - recalled the director. - Coming home to a half-empty trolley. Here I sit in the back seat and in front of me go ... two ears. Literally. Nothing more is not evident. I began to peer: and your ears, then flush clogged with sand. On "Mosfilm" ears out. I - for them shout after him: "Boy, boy!". But he does not hear. Ears something clogged. Looks like just a bathing. I knock on the shoulder. It turns around. Black T-shirt stretched to the navel, face ... such a person I have not seen. The smile is impossible to resist. As such missed. I thought: Well, if there is no character in the film - it is necessary to invent him. Here's the script and came through the hero constantly pesters all: "And what are you doing here?". In the scenario we called him "The Boy with the profile of Gogol." And it played Glory Tsarev. " This guy turned out to be smokers. "Once I come from the shooting to the hotel - tired and covered in dust, - he continued Klimov remember. - There - knock on the door. Looks Victor Kosyh "Elem Germanovich and Gogol - smoke ...". "Where?" "In the toilet." "Give it here, quickly." Comes Gogol. Terrified. With even more elongated face. With tight-lipped. "Well, thank smoked?". Moos. "How can you, thank ..." mumbles ... Here and Larissa, intrigued, puts the book. At this point, Gogol begins to make excuses, and the room is filled with bubbles. He continues with fear to say something, but virtually the entire room is covered with white blisters. It turns out, he has to fight off the scent, ate toothpaste. Shepitko laughs to tears. I could hardly contain - tiredness vanished ».

On the debut picture immediately labeled as: anti-Soviet and antihruschevskaya. "Then I first word" anti-Soviet "and heard - says Elem Klimov. - As for Khrushchev, at first I thought that we are accused of threads corn, slipping into the picture. It turns out even worse. The reason for the charges was an episode with imaginary grandmother's funeral. Above the procession carried her enlarged portrait. So, when Blow become visible sparse hair grandmother. There are strict censors State cinema and caught us, "They're burying Khrushchev." So I came face to face with a system of censorship and repression. Stupid and cruel. The film did not take any. " Then, only the intervention of Sergei Gerasimov, who at the time was practically a major figure in VGIK, saved the situation. At his insistence, the film was sent to the country Khrushchev (in the fashion party leaders have been viewing the new pictures in the hours of rest in the country). Secretary General looked, and concluded: "What do you keep it? Let him go! This is ridiculous! ».

Klimov's film was released on October 9, 1964, and the "Resolution of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the removal of Khrushchev," was accepted October 14, 1964. Therefore, despite the permissive license, the film was shown only in the morning sessions.



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