Unique photos - life before the birth of a girl

As emerging and developing life in the womb? Through this collection of unique photos can observe the miracle of the human being from the conception to birth.

1. After 4 days after fertilization.
After fertilization, the zygote has already predetermined the floor (which is this, for example, girl!), And a unique set of DNA. Her DNA will determine the development of her body for the next nine months (and then a lifetime).


2. 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.
Despite the fact that the fetus has reached only 6 mm in length, it (in this case, we are talking about a girl) nose, mouth and ears are already beginning to take shape. Her heart beats about 100 times per minute (almost twice as fast maternal heart), and blood begins to circulate through the body. Brain waves are already discernible in 2-3 weeks!


3. The seventh week of pregnancy. Clockwise, starting at 12: chorionic sac brain amnionalny bag, eyes, liver, umbilical cord, placenta.


4. The tenth week of pregnancy.
All the major functions of the body are running: kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver has got to work. Her tiny arms and legs are already starting to bend.


5. twelve weeks.
Her muscles start to gain weight, so that all my free time, she stretches and kicks. If you put your hand on her stomach, she must respond, because her reflexes begin to develop, even though you do not yet feel.


6. The sixteenth week of pregnancy.


7. Sucks finger at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. Already, it has got its own unique set of prints.


8. Six months pregnant.
The child may respond to external sounds and movements of the acceleration pulse. Mother noticed sudden movements of the child, if the baby hiccups!


9. Six or seven months pregnant.


10. Eight months pregnant.
This baby can hear and recognize the voice of my mother begins. She has pink skin, and it is already beginning to take its sweet 'magnificent "shape typical of all newborns. This accumulation of fat is very important, as it helps the baby regulate body temperature after birth.




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