Conviction - good. Two - better

Well, the radio "Era" annealed! It is understood that the channel "proregionalny", to put it mildly. And all interviews builds on the principle of "if it had not barked something extra." That is, they have a couple (maybe more, but there are just three) loyal "audience", interviews with whom - it is a pleasure in the light of the direction of broadcasting. They basically work and. Mournful, suspended, not a word wrong or against the regionals or personally Victor Mezhigorskaya. Kinda snot on the air. Other "dozvonyuvachiv" very quickly cut off when a conflict is brewing.
But somehow managed to break into the ether Alex Mazur from Dnepropetrovsk. The conversation went beyond the normal (do not know why not turned, as usual). And among other things, touched on the subject of past convictions of Mr. President. In the context of what is currently converted into Ukraine. So just leading knocked down his answer in this debate. Not help myself, I will quote:
- Well, someone on molodostі schos not Bulo?

 - Do Me this is not Bulo.

 - Well, not Bulo ... And let podivimosya at end of s іnshogo side: Well yaky Rozum tse, yak napoleglivіst potrіbno mother, Abi in such folding, skazhemo so negatively Homepage mozhlivostyah, domogtisya order status, yaky in Demba Yea. Mozhlivo, end of the butt for vsіh іnshih in Ukraїnі. Em>
I just ohrenel. In no other word. It is clear that you can make an intelligent face and rolled his eyes, to say that a criminal record, allegedly removed a long time and all is forgotten. This does not get used. Although, it seems to me, even in this case overlaps way into politics in any self-respecting country. About how so many negotiations, which gets stuck in the teeth.
But as an example for a criminal record - it's something new. It is necessary to take a pause to reflect on what was said. After all, this is not the show "Evening quarter", where something similar was filed, as expected, with irony and sarcasm. This is the live stream and it is a serious topic. In general, the deflection counted. And Tymoshenko is now really a great future, one should understand.
Lord, you do not, purely by accident, convicted relatives? I want to offer friendship. And learn how to filter the market. In order not to stand out.


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