The car Mikhail Prokhorov called "E-Mobile"

hybrid car produced by a joint venture of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov businessman and Belarusian company "Yarovit Motors", has found his own name. The machine named "E-Mobile". This is the name of the proponent liked Mikhail Prokhorov. "Our team came up with, I think, a brilliant name -" E "- wrote Mr. Prokhorov in his blog. - I especially like the combination of two trends: the beginning of a new global trend of domination of virtual brands (i-pod, etc.) and our native Russian, which is not found anywhere else. Needless to say, Yo not leave anyone indifferent, because it's cool. We understand how many comments and we will get a deep irony, and this is a very forward. So do not be shy and feel free to share your emotions and Yo-Yo-experiences! If you remember Kipling's famous phrase: "We're the same blood - you and me!", Then a new and fashionable sounds: E-mine, this e-yours. Now everyone can decide for themselves which side he is Yo. " Test Pattern "Yo-mobile" will appear in the next month, and serial production is scheduled to begin in late 2012. Price hybrid compact car with an engine 70 hp will be from 350 to 450 thousand. rubles.


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