Mikhail Prokhorov will build electric car

head of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov has promised to present the first winter of domestic production ready car that runs on electricity. In December, the tests will be three standard electric vehicle, after which the "Onexim" decide which of them will go into production, but from what would have to give. To help with the choice of Internet users will be asked for the vote which will be arranged in a network. In April of this year, "Onexim" presented the concept of low-budget city car called the "Eco". The machine, according to the creators, will be equipped with a hybrid petrol-electric engine of 68 l / s. The car is not a very high-spirited - the maximum speed of only 120 km / h - but cheap. According to Mr. Prokhorov, its price will be 8888 euros. In your car project billionaire is going to invest 150 mln. Euros. In 2011, the company intends to begin construction of car plant in Togliatti. The businessman expects that the plant will come to self-sufficiency in 4-5 years after launch.


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