Mikhail Prokhorov on the cover of Forbes

The cover of the next issue of Forbes, devoted to the world ranking of billionaires, adorns the face of Mikhail Prokhorov. Among a thousand people, "who rule the world," Mikhail Prokhorov only at the 69th place, and even with last year lost $ 200 million, but it is - the protagonist of the issue. Prokhorov attracted the attention of the world press to the person participating in the presidential elections in Russia. Article and is entitled: "From the oligarchs presidential." Russian billionaire Americans represent almost a hero who was not afraid to speak out against the great and terrible ruler. Secondly, Prokhorov has become one of the major newsmakers in the United States. Last fall, he became a permanent member of the New York gossip. Back in 2009, the billionaire has bought 80% of the basketball club Nets. And in September last year in Brooklyn triumphantly opened a new arena, the area was a strong inflow of new money and a new life. Brooklyn Nets debut victory in November, and the Russian oligarch has become almost a national hero 2, 5 millionth district. Forbes - it's still in the first place New York edition, so that the cover milliarderskogo rooms - a kind of tribute to Prokhorov from the city.


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