Mikhail Prokhorov rents his yacht

Mikhail Prokhorov recently announced his intention to run in the presidential race, so that the next six months, it sure will not be to the rest. Perhaps that is why he intends to take his yacht rental. Mr. Prokhorov holds a rather modest for a man with a $ 18 billion capital boat. Its 202-foot (61, 57 m) boat Solemar built at the shipyard Amels in 2003. On board there are 6 comfortable cabins for 12 passengers. Now, anyone willing to pay $ 325,000 a week, can live as one of the richest men in Russia. And you never know, maybe even to lie in the bed of the future president of our country. Incidentally, if elected Mikhail Prokhorov will get at the disposal of another yacht - Sirius - acquired for the head of state in early 2011. But it is unlikely to be interested in Prokhorov, his Solemar ever higher class.


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