The richest man in the eyes of impoverished

The richest man in the world at risk of losing his title: Carlos Slim, owner of telecommunications giant America Movil, is losing ground. According to Bloomberg, the billionaire over the past week lost about $ 4, 8 billion, and for the last month - a tenth of his fortune. Mexican Slim holds the position of the richest man in the world, according to the magazine Forbes, for the fourth year in a row. His fortune is estimated at $ 69 billion. Slim announced himself to the world in 2010, becoming the first in 16 years the leader of the rating Forbes - not a US citizen. This breakthrough was made possible thanks to a 27-percent jump in the cost of shares of the company America Movil. Slim owns a 62% stake in the company, so the rise in the shares directly affected his personal fortune. The situation has changed: now the company risks losing its dominant position in Mexico and throughout Latin America, and investments Sliema in Europe can greatly shortened due to the declining free cash flow.


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