Minister of Spain knows how to have fun

Spanish politician Carlos Delgado is an expert in entertainment.
Someone will appreciate the joke is cruel and rights are not so good.
Information may be unpleasant to see.

Carlos Delgado, inspired by the successful hunt, do not think of anything better than to cut a deer testicles and put them on his head. In this form, the man began to pose in front of friends dying with laughter.

The hunters gathered around the carcass of an animal and had a photo shoot. Once is not posed hunters: standing, sitting, lying down, with guns and knives.

Carlos Delgado has apparently decided that it is all too obvious, and should come up with a more "fun" way of transmitting high spirits of the participants of the action.

Armed with a knife, he approached the Spanish politician killed deer and cut off the testicles of a corpse, and then perched on their heads. Smearing sleeve shirt trickle of blood flowing down, Carlos asked friends to do commemorative photos.

Bursts out laughing friends responded to his call, took to remove politics from the genitals on his head and blood streaks on her face and clothes.

Perhaps their fun would pass unnoticed if not for the fact that Delgado is the Minister of Tourism of the Balearic Islands



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