Rich in real time

, Bloomberg began compiling the rating the world's richest on a daily basis. Whereas previously such rankings are updated every six months or a year, it is now possible to monitor the welfare of the major holders of capital in real time. Overall, the transition to such a rapid updating of information did not bring any sensations. On top of the pyramid capitalists Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, whose fortune was estimated at 68, $ 2 billion. Second place goes to Bill Gates, has assets of $ 61, 7 billion. And closes the top three investor Warren Buffett with $ 44 billion (data for March 7). But for the Russians appearance Bloomberg Billionaires Index was very intriguing. According to estimates of the US agency, the richest Russian became co-owner of "Metalloinvest" Alisher Usmanov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 20 1 billion. In the Forbes list in 2011 he was only the fifth place. One of the main factors of a sharp rise in capitalization become Internet assets of the Russian businessman. The cost of 5, 5% stake in Facebook, which Usmanov owns by Digital Sky Technologies, has grown since the transaction in 2010, about nine times. In addition to the largest social network, a Russian businessman owns shares of Twitter, promotional service Groupon and the Chinese Internet holding company Alibaba. Russian metallurgists, occupied the top ranking last year, by contrast, lost ground. It is estimated Bloomberg, the main business of Vladimir Lisin for the year fell by almost half - to $ 14, 7 billion.


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