Alisher Usmanov and Airbus A340-300

Alisher Usmanov, recently serious cash on the IPO Facebook. You can treat yourself and a huge four-engine aircraft Airbus A340-300. New Toy Russian businessman will be the largest private board in the country and probably in the whole of Europe. For example, Roman Abramovich owns Boeing 767, and President Vladimir Putin has at its disposal the IL-96 - both of these machines modest new liner Usmanov. To compete with him in size can only Airbus A380, and that is only at the Arab sheikhs. The aircraft registered in the Isle of Man, whose name gave the first letter in the tail number of the aircraft - M-IABU. Other letters supposedly stands for "I - Alisher Usmanov." In addition, on board the inscription BOURKHAN - it was the name of the father of billionaire. By the way, Mr. Usmanov also confirmed that he ordered the yacht, which he named Dilbar - in honor of his mother. Seagoing vessel, according to sources, will cost $ 100 million.


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