Playboy to auction his collection of art

On the eve of the coming of the year of the rabbit, Playboy satisfied on an auction site Christie's sale of a grand art associated with the history of men's magazine. Among the lots will be offered the famous picture of the singer and American actress Marilyn Monroe, who appeared on the cover of the pilot issue of the magazine, almost 60 years ago. A total of bids, which will be held on December 8 in New York, will feature 125 different works: 80 pictures, and over a dozen items of Modern Art and 24 figures. Among them are works that are known to everyone. Such as picture comedian Dan Aykroyd with a triangular head in an embrace with Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe shot on the first cover of 1953, early photographs of Brigitte Bardot, the first images of Elle Macpherson made by Herb Ritts. As expected, the special interest of the visitors of the auction will cause watercolor by Salvador Dali «Playmate», made famous Spanish artist specifically commissioned by the magazine. Image bowed naked women for a long time hung in the bedroom chief editor Hugh Hefner's famous Playboy Mansion. This work is estimated at 100 - 150 thousand dollars. The highlight of the auction will be the work of the creator of the American pop art by Tom Wesselmann "Rot №8», depicting a female half-open mouth. According to experts, the income from the sale of this artwork will be from 2 to 3 million dollars. Exhibited items - only a small part of a huge archive of Playboy. The collection of the magazine, there are over 5,000 objects of modern art and more than 20 million photos.


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