Exercise 1 minute: The Wheel of Life.

This exercise should be done at least once a month to see on what you are driving on their way of life.

Life of any person is made up of various aspects of finance, health, love, vacation, etc. It is important to try to maintain a balance in all directions. Otherwise, for you it will make life itself.

A lot of work - and get sick forced vacation, do not follow health - sooner or later have to seek help from doctors. Etc.

As for the exercise, it is fairly well known, but personally you, the reader, when he did the last time? And if you're doing it on a monthly basis?

Let's together again remember how to do this exercise.

Take a sheet of paper and redraw it wheel pictures to this post. Now evaluate your progress in each area on a scale of 1 to 10. Then connect the line mark your success in a circle.

As a result, get your personal Wheel of Life, and with it the understanding of what you personally need to pay more attention, and that - less. In what areas do you have an imbalance.

By the way, do not despair if you have none of the scale there is no assessment of 10 points. Usually score 10 - it is a sign that soon man waiting in this area qualitatively new changes, revaluation of values.


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