Doctors have made a human jaw with help of 3D-printer

Group of doctors from Belgium and the Netherlands in cooperation with Xilloc manufactured using 3D-printing technology artificial jaw for implantation, according to Forbes.
Doctors transplanted jaw is made using 3D-printing technology / AP
The implant was installed 83-year-old woman, whose own jaw was severely damaged. To restore it, it would take many hours of operation.

Doctors fear that the patient will not survive it because of old age.

It was decided to replace its own jaw women on artificial, since this operation takes much less time.

The implant is manufactured in the 3D-printer, using the technique of "laser sintering". In this case, the printer particulate material is fed in layers through which the laser "paints" section parts.

As a material for the manufacture of artificial jaw used titanium powder. On the finished implant before implantation caused a ceramic coating. The site Xilloc states that the very next day after the surgery the patient can swallow and speak.

Implants made the 3D-printer (a device that creates physical objects from digital models of them), were used in oral and maxillofacial surgery in the past, but the jaw is entirely manufactured in this manner for the first time.

Note that most 3D-printing method makes crowns and dental bridges.

Recall that in September 2011, American scientists presented a revolutionary device - bioprinter, which operates on the principle of a conventional office printer, only instead of text and pictures it prints bodies.


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