Real 3D managed to get with laser

Three-dimensional image in the air have learned to receive Japanese engineers. The picture produced by laser.
True 3D technology, Burton is an improved version of the joint development of a Japanese research institute AIST and Keio University, was announced in 2006. Its essence - in the creation of a plasma excitation of oxygen and nitrogen contained in the air, using a laser.

The present system is able to operate both in air and in aqueous medium. Her lasers produce 50 thousand every second. Points from which develops and volumetric image. A second 10-15 frames changes, but developers want to increase this figure to the "classic" 24-30 frames per second.

Unlike planar 3D-display, creating a pseudo due to optical illusions, subjects depicted using True 3D, really have three dimensions, explains the expert Burton Hayato Watanabe.


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