How to show love ... to yourself?

1. Going to the store, choose only the freshest and good products - your body deserves it.
2. Stay away from people with whom communication is you have only negative emotions.
3. take a proactive activity at least 20-30 minutes 5-6 times a week. At least - go on foot.
4. Go on a date with itself - it can be a trip to the theater, movies or dinner in the restaurant.
5. Give up activities that do not bring you any benefit or pleasure.
6. Take a bath with aromatic oils by candlelight.
7. committed an act which has long feared or embarrassed.
8. Treat yourself to a new beautiful lingerie.
9. Make a list of all its positive qualities, and from time to time to replenish it.
10. Give up the habit of complaining about life and feel sorry for yourself.
11. Once and for all, forbid myself to speak (and think): "I'm fat" or "I'm too skinny┬╗
12. Arrange a picnic in the park with fruit and a favorite book.
13. Select the output and organizes day without the Internet and mobile phone.
14. Tell your loved one how much he means to you.
15. Try to forgive yourself and others.


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