6 tips on how to relax while working

A selection of tips that will teach you to work with pleasure and help to qualitatively relax during a break

So, here are 6 tips on how to relax while working:

1. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Avoid delaying projects and deadlines. You will work calmly and without straining, if all your work is on time, but if you do any work, you postponed deadline - then get ready to live in constant tension.

2. Yourself control

Keep all factors affecting your work under their control. Turn off the phone and close the door of the office, if, in order to focus on, you need silence. If you work in a booth, you can take an empty conference room to nothing to distract you from your work.

3. Schedule - around the head

If checking e-mail or private page you spend too much time, plan the inspection: two or three times a day, you will be quite enough. You can also enter and telephone calls: put the phone on the answering machine and do not be distracted from more serious occupations.

4. Toys - serious stuff!

Balls with soft filler or any other toys that can crush or twist in your hands, have a beneficial effect on your creativity. Besides hands kneaded tired of static on the computer.

5. Relax

A little bit of yoga during a break - one of the best options for relaxation. If it is possible - not indulge in listening to relaxing music. Relax your muscles, soak up a little bit in a comfortable position for you - and back to work with a relaxed body and mind.

6. Walk to mind

Get off one stop early or park your car in the parking lot Dolny, to get to work on foot. For lunch, try a walk in the fresh air. There is nothing that makes you to feel relaxed, like blood, which carries the new forces your brain after a walk. If you can, go for a walk together with his colleagues - friendships help you work.

And do not forget - the work is only a means and can never be more important than human relations.


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