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24-year-old Briton Nadina Knight (Nadina Knight) for life led is not the right way of life, she loved fast food and eat well, their appearance should not be.
She weighed almost 100 kilograms, looked very bad, until you peered into their photos on Facebook and did not understand that it is necessary to urgently change everything.
As a result, she lost 30 kilograms and was the winner of Miss England 2012.


Horrific photographs taken on her 20th birthday, Nadine gave to understand that she gained a lot of kilos! The finalist of the contest "Miss England 2012" Nadina Knight said: "I was thin until about the age of 16, but then I began to gain weight too much ... I ate and drank. I did not do anything until my 20th birthday, until I saw his picture on Facebook. My mother said that my weight. My mother was concerned because she has diabetes. I was caught off guard, but I thought that my mother right. The first thing I did - began looking for tips on Google. I did not want to sit on a diet, as do many of my friends, I just wanted to lose weight ».

Nadine has moved to a healthy lifestyle - she began to use non-fat milk, wholemeal bread and removed from the diet carbonated beverages and alcohol. "It was not a sudden transition, but I felt that this was the best way to lose weight. Thus, for three years, my weight gradually fell. I go to the gym three times a week. And never allow myself to be complete as before! "- Says the girl.

Once she was able to lose weight and bring your body in order Nadina has won several local beauty contests, she reached the final of "Miss England 2012" and began singing career.

"Participation in the contest" Miss England "was an incredible experience. I just enjoyed it! "- Says Nadine. As for weight loss, the girl became more confident: "It gave me a confidence that was not there before, I'm happy, and most importantly, healthier - and it was my main goal!»

10 Tips from NADINE:

1. Change the white to brown, "Give up of white carbs in favor of the meal. Just brown bread, brown pasta and brown rice. Adhere to such rules is very easy, but the difference is noticeable almost immediately - the stomach becomes less bloated and have more energy. "

2. Do not skip meals: "Eating three meals a day and plenty of water without the need to stop you snacking. In the morning eat porridge or muesli with skimmed milk and satisfying lunch dish with chicken and vegetables. This will allow you to eat a light dinner, and resist the urge to snack. "

3. Consider the calorie drinks: "We often forget that what we drink is just as important as our food diet. Remove from the diet carbonated beverages, drink lots of water and herbal teas. Remember that everything is fine in moderation - even the fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. "

4. Have fun: "Do not compromise your social life, remember that you can choose the healthier options when eat out. My favorite salad - with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken, and remember - much alcohol can contribute to weight gain (this was one of my biggest mistakes when I was fat) and adversely affect the skin, liver and overall health. "

5. Stay away from saturated fats "Saturated fats pursue all of us. We love the morning croissant or cheese and crackers in the afternoon. Instead, go for good fats in moderation and try to switch to ordinary virgin olive oil ".

6. Be active: "An active lifestyle will keep you in shape, but even if you are busy and you feel that you do not have time for the gym, try a home-minute FizKult. I'm a big fan of this! »

7. 10 minutes of activity: "I try to do it every day! I use a variety of exercises for different muscle - every two minutes, and a total of 10 minutes. "

8. Keep your buttocks and hamstrings in tone: "Get on all fours and lift the legs up to the angle of 90 degrees - on each leg of eight times. Try attacks, which are very easy to make at home, but it is nevertheless an excellent exercise for the hips. "

9. Exercises for the inner thighs and priests: "In order to keep these places in the tone, I do," Sumo "-prisedaniya."

10. Run: "It's so simple - to make a quick jog around your neighborhood. Even 10 minutes will give you a feeling of freshness and burn fat ».



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