Teacher rescued 44 children in Chelyabinsk (4 photos)

Yulia Karbysheva - primary school teacher of the Lyceum №37, she saved 44 children from the effects of the explosion of the meteorite, which occurred on Friday.
The very same Julia went to the hospital with injuries and numerous cuts.
The heroic woman, she should be proud of.

Karbysheva was on the substitution in the two fourth grade.
During a powerful flash of light children rushed to the window, but she gave a command to all to hide under their desks. "The very Karbysheva rushed to open the inner door. They were made of glass, as the school was located in a former kindergarten, "- said Denisov.

A few minutes after the outbreak was followed by a massive explosion, the shock wave shattered glass and debris rained down on the woman. Wounded, she commanded the children to get dressed quickly and evacuate them to the street. "None of the students did not get a single scratch. The teacher was admitted to the hospital with cuts the tendon of his left hand and left thigh, "- said the chief doctor of the hospital, which is being treated Karbysheva.

According to him, only in a hospital for medical help turned 112 Chelyabinsk, 16 of them, including 11 children, have been hospitalized. As of the morning of February 16 in a health facility were five adults and two children. Basically all incised wounds face and hands.

Source: newsru.com


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