In Chelyabinsk meteorite fell (41 pics + video 13)

This morning at 09:40 at the Chelyabinsk explosion, according to preliminary estimates the space object is netehnogennogo origin and qualifies as a meteorite traveling at a speed of about 30 kilometers per second at a low trajectory & quot ;, - said in a statement on the website of Roskosmos.
Flash observed not only Chelyabinsk, but all who are in the neighborhood of 200 km ...
Fasting is updated in real-time, do not forget to press F5, follow the events.

A live webcast of rapprochement huge asteroid 2012 DA14 Earth


Perhaps this is just a small piece fell off, we will wait for the evening.

The explosion in the meteorite Chelyabinsk 15.02.2013 slicing videos from different places

The same video player youtube

See how the asteroid to Earth, very scary.

Video channel Discovery, indicating the likely consequences of a collision of our planet and an asteroid five hundred kilometers in diameter. The asteroid falls into the Pacific Ocean. Break of the crust reaches a depth of 10 kilometers. The shock wave spreads at supersonic speed. Debris from the impact will be on the Earth orbit, where once again fall to the ground. On Earth will carry firestorm destroying all life, and the planet will become uninhabitable in a single day. It is proved that this happened in the history of the planet at least six times.

In the video, the song sounds Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky.

Astronomers have expressed their gratitude to the Russians for what they post their videos to the DVR.
The meteorite could not have hit a better place to have such an incredible footage to get recorded. Another reason to have dashcam.
«Russian car videos - putting Hollywood out of business every day»

Important information!
Some idiots distribute VIDEO Darwaza, presenting it as a place of falling debris. I do not believe this is cheating.

Media already were led to get on this and begin to lie:

The first channel is also seduced by the lie and lied to in the news.

The network has humorous pictures and inscriptions on the subject.

"It's the end of light delivered by mail Russia»
"All told," The Lord burn "get. checkmate atheists :) »
Medvedev: "meteor rain can be a symbol of Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum" - which, incidentally, is not a joke! He said so.
The most ingenious version was from a neighbor, pensioner, 4 minutes after the explosion. "Yes, it's some kind of drug addicts»
"I tried to OH fall into MICHETE ((((((((((((((((((((((I already TRISET (((((((((((((((((( »
"In Chelyabinsk unauthorized meteoriting.»
"Nothing so exhilarating as the morning meteorite»
"Chelyabinsk guys are so severe that they Service - meteorites.»
"Citizens of Chelyabinsk have already begun dismantling superpowers.»



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