Art aerial photography (30 photos)

American photographer and aviator Cameron Davidson (Cameron Davidson) for more than thirty years of experience in the art aerial photography. At one time he worked with such major publishers as Vanity Fair, American Express Departures, National Geographic, ESPN. He now lives in Northern Virginia and still does what he likes. According to Davidson, he was born for a photo. Among his awards - International Photography Awards, Luerzer's 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide, Spyder Awards, Graphis Photo and many others.

Lighthouse on the island of New Point Comfort between the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf off the coast of Virginia Mobzhek, USA.

Pond in Iowa, USA.

Mississippi, Tennessee, USA.


British Columbia, Canada.

Port of Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

Salt marshes in the San Francisco Bay, California, USA.

The train rushes to California.

Sand dunes in the south-east of California.

Coast of Ethiopia.

Manhattan, view towards the New York Harbor.

Fields in Ethiopia.

Train in British Columbia.

Agro-industrial field on the American side in the Mexican border in Arizona.

Manhattan, view from the Hudson River.

Quebec, Canada.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.

The destroyed Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Missed two ships in Chesapeake Bay.

Pendleton County, West Virginia, USA.

Linden Vineyard in Virginia, USA.

Key West, Florida, USA.

Business District of New York, USA.

Milford Wind Corridor in Milford, Utah, USA.

Wind turbines in Denmark.

Ethiopian waterfall.

Residential area in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Desert Ridge in Danakilskogo, Ethiopia.

Barges in the Chesapeake Bay.

Yacht under the Manhattan Bridge in New York.



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