Full photo report on the explosion of the meteorite Chelyabinsk (14 photos)

Everyone remembers the recent event, which took place in Chelyabinsk - a terrible thing.
Enough time has passed, there was credible information and material in good quality.
Let's draw a sort the results and see how it was.
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The author says:
Morning. Home.
The morning was frosty (about -17 C), windless and cloudless. And since the day before was a very warm day (the temperature was close to zero), - the trees were covered with frost. I decided to take pictures of the landscape at your favorite point close to home. At about 9 o'clock in the morning I was on the ground and began to take the first pictures. Nothing unusual and remarkable in the sky before the object was not. After a few shots from different angles, I moved to another point shooting. The camera was pointing towards the rising of the sun (the sun remained until a few minutes).

9:04:57 One of the first shots taken in the morning. For 15 minutes before the explosion of a meteorite (East View)

9:14:27 - 9:15:59 Panorama area (angle of view of about 180 gr.) 10 min. before the explosion of the meteorite.

9:17:11, five minutes before the explosion of a meteorite, a view of the South-west.

iso 50 f14 32mm 0.6s 9:19:43, Frame-harvesting for the panorama, a few seconds before the explosion of a meteorite (view to the east). Flash will be on the right.


Yes! The appearance of the object was unexpected! The camera was on a tripod and was directed almost to the side (pictured above), from which emerged the object. I leaned toward the camera to change the angle and make another picture for the panorama. At this point, peripheral vision, I saw a bright flash. At first, it was small. Immediately I turned the camera toward an object, at which point the outbreak reached its peak, and everything was bathed in bright light.

iso 50 f14 35mm 0.6s 9:20:33

iso 50 f14 35mm 0.6s 9:20:33

iso 50 f14 27mm 0.6s 9:20:43

Molten particles of meteoroid, a few seconds after the explosion (flash). The picture shows that after the collapse, two fragments of sufficient magnitude continued their movement.


Thoughts were confused and spontaneous. The first thing I thought was not a meteorite, but a nuclear bomb. Then he remembered about the media reports about a possible asteroid and its rapprochement with the Earth. Then there were the thoughts of a plane that crashed.

Split track took place after the main flash (explosion). Funnel the end of next vaguely reminiscent of a small mushroom.


In the first seconds quickened heartbeat and breathing, as well as shaking hands, which are likely to have been the consequences of the shock of what he saw. When the flash has become the most vivid I felt strong enough to face the heat (it lasted just fractions of a second).

At the time a bright flash and I felt a strong pain in the eyes of the intolerable glare. No more physical sensations were not. Then, 2 minutes after the flash, a series of explosions - the sound was neraskatisty and clear and very powerful. The first explosion was the strongest, but I felt only the cotton. No physical sensations and vibrations I felt, because It was far from concrete buildings and roads. Immediately after a series of bombings over the pine forest, near a large number of birds rose up and flew in different directions. Heartbeat, breathing, and hand tremor only intensified. The shock was even more pronounced.

Panorama shot a few minutes after the blast wave. 4 horizontal frame 24mm 9:32:15 - 9:32:31

Panorama 2 frame 24mm 9:33:01 - 9:33:13


As already mentioned, immediately saw the first flash, I turned the camera toward the subject and take a picture. He was heavily overexposed, I frantically started trying to fix the exposure to capture neperesvechenny object. I do not remember exactly how I made the frame with a red-hot particles inside track. Everything was a blur, and took place in a matter of seconds. Further, their actions, I remember vaguely. Everything is done "on the machine." The shock did not give focus to put the correct values ​​and to choose a great camera angles. I remember that I had dropped into the snow remote from the camera to change the filter on the lens. Only after a series of explosions I have a little come to himself, he was able to set the correct exposure value, select camera angles and shoot several panoramas with residual cloud from a meteorite.

A few words on how to change the nature around. Feels like the sky was bluer and transparent. The sun had already risen, but its brightness is not more like the morning sun, and the sun at its zenith.

Panorama, 4 vertical frame 24mm 9:38:43 - 9:39:07

Panorama, 6 horizontal frame 24mm 9:44:03 - 9:45:15

Panorama 2 horizontal frame 24mm 9:47:21 - 9:47:37

Panorama, 4 horizontal frame 24mm 09:52:49 - 09:53:19

Source: marateaman.livejournal.com


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