Full photo report on the explosion of the meteorite Chelyabinsk (14 photos)

Everyone remembers the recent event, which took place in Chelyabinsk - a terrible thing.
Enough time has passed, there was credible information and material in good quality.
Let's draw a sort the results and see how it was.
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The author says:
Morning. Home.
The morning was frosty (about -17 C), windless and cloudless. And since the day before was a very warm day (the temperature was close to zero), - the trees were covered with frost. I decided to take pictures of the landscape at your favorite point close to home. At about 9 o'clock in the morning I was on the ground and began to take the first pictures. Nothing unusual and remarkable in the sky before the object was not. After a few shots from different angles, I moved to another point shooting. The camera was pointing towards the rising of the sun (the sun remained until a few minutes).

9:04:57 One of the first shots taken in the morning. For 15 minutes before the explosion of a meteorite (East View)

9:14:27 - 9:15:59 Panorama area (angle of view of about 180 gr.) 10 min. before the explosion of the meteorite.

9:17:11, five minutes before the explosion of a meteorite, a view of the South-west.

iso 50 f14 32mm 0.6s 9:19:43, Frame-harvesting for the panorama, a few seconds before the explosion of a meteorite (view to the east). Flash will be on the right.


Yes! The appearance of the object was unexpected! The camera was on a tripod and was directed almost to the side (pictured above), from which emerged the object. I leaned toward the camera to change the angle and make another picture for the panorama. At this point, peripheral vision, I saw a bright flash. At first, it was small. Immediately I turned the camera toward an object, at which point the outbreak reached its peak, and everything was bathed in bright light.

iso 50 f14 35mm 0.6s 9:20:33


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