On the pedestrian areas in Moscow (35 photos)

Famous blogger continues to walk in Moscow and finds out what happened to the new capital.
This time the news is not very good, because it is very correct and necessary pedestrian areas continue to do very badly.
See for yourself.

01. To begin with pedestrian zones. All pedestrian crossings are made properly. It is unclear why the reconstruction of not just do it right. I already wrote a great post on how to be a pedestrian crossing.

No curbs should not be. I do not have to go down a pedestrian on the road, and the car should rise. The entire trip should be in the same level. Here is an example from Budapest.

02. Another example. Plank road cuts through the pedestrian zone. It should not be. Next week I will try to remove the intersection of the top and draw the correct picture.

03. On the pedestrian zones set flower beds ...

04. Unfortunately, all transitional zones are made with 100% by marriage, so that they will not save beds.

05. This tile month !!!

06. For all falls apart !!!

07. Month!

08. ME-CR-fi!

09. Some failures are trying to fix, but to no avail ...

Further fun begins. Fasting how Muscovites have questioned the quality of work, Gennady Zhivotinsky, began to explain that all is well.

We decided to invite the distinguished Gennady Zhivotinskogo a walk and ask questions. I wrote him a letter.

Suddenly he said:

There are two pieces of news, one good, the other bad. Good - Mr. Zhivotinsky agreed to a meeting in late April. We are pleased to take a walk and ask questions. The bad, what works for him not finished and completed will be in the spring.

Unfortunately, this does not happen. Due to the fact that the entire tile simply spread, not laid right. Due to the fact that violated all the technology. Due to the fact that the works were involved unskilled construction workers, until the spring of tiles will not survive. She was shaken, snow removal equipment and street cleaners in the past month have brought down all the ends. Now it is not just poorly laid tile, now it is necessary to throw (.

For example, here so similar tiles laid around the Federation Council. Absolutely the same tile. Just did the right thing. So we had to look and pedestrian areas ...

12. The worst thing is that the work continues.

13. Builders Dormost remove asphalt and then put granite tiles.

14. Lay in the cold. Lay without special equipment.

15. Instead, vibratory plates to ram a cement-sand mixture, just boot it pushed under the tile. I'll show you a place in a week - it all falls apart. You'll see.

16. This all falls apart. In addition, work is being done in violation of the rules. No information board, it is not clear who is working, there are no documents, there is no timing ... nothing. I called the police and reported that suspicious people breaks my favorite city. After 10 minutes, all the workers escaped. It's funny.


18. Work is Dormost, according to the labels on the equipment. By the way, under the leadership of Zhivotinskogo Dormost built the Manezh Square. They did everything very good. It is unclear why now such a mess?

19. Back in Shchukino ... our favorite hang ads.

20. Who is considered as a kind of law of the hardening of penalties for posting ads.

21. Now will be fined not 500r and 10 000.

22. Near subway October field to build a fence to get people to cross the road through an underpass. Instead of making a normal transition ground.

23. If earlier people just ran across the road, and now they climb over the fence and run across. There are no subways in residential areas should not be. Most people die on the roads in places where there is an underground passage.

24. Well cleaned the streets at the October field ...

25. People who somehow fell ... Snowdrifts, somehow, under 2 meters and ice everywhere.

26. One plus of snow drifts - they hide promotional clamshell.

27. Every day at Petrovka, opposite the Moscow City Duma parked on the sidewalk some asshole. What to do with it - is unclear. The police shy away from it. Who is it?

28. Flower stall.

29. State-owned institution "Santehrabot¬Ľ

30. The exhibition of urns in the center of Moscow ...

Source: zyalt.livejournal.com


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