The transition to a pedestrian zone (17 photos)

As you know, in Moscow recently opened new pedestrian areas. Pedestrian areas - is very good. Unfortunately, implementation has major problems should be worked on. Today I want to show you one very important place in the pedestrian zone, which made quite wrong - it is a transition. Crossing the pedestrian zone with the road is always a very complicated story. Here it is necessary to properly dissolve the flow of people and machines, to make everyone feel safe. The most important thing at the pedestrian crossing - is no obstacle for pedestrians and for vehicles. I'll sometimes sit behind the wheel and know what suddenly runs out of the improperly parked cars pedestrians who just can not see. And what, scolded among a heap of cars, dirtying your clothes, familiar to everyone.


At the intersection of car and pedestrian streets Neglinnoy Kuznetsk bridge for some reason, made the expansion of the road. Now this place is littered machines who are trying to wade through the pedestrians. The most interesting is that the rules can not be parked on the transition. Even Policeman put to it accelerates the car, but still the park, cost him turn away. In the design of such places need to understand that if you put in front of a wild dog sausage, it is likely to eat it, despite all the restrictions. While the culture of behavior on the road we have left much to be desired, you can not count on the awareness of drivers.

How to make a safe pedestrian crossing? We need to change the priorities. If parking is not allowed, then do not give any room for parking. The road should be narrow, traffic-free zone to protect the columns. Then you need to change priorities. Now the man down the road, and should be the opposite - the machine should move to a pedestrian zone. Stretch of road at the junction of the people must be raised to the same level with the pedestrian area and pave the same tiles. The driver, falling on unaccustomed environment will behave attentively and pedestrians will be safe.

Of course, this is only a proposal. It is necessary to carry out research to find out what the flow of people walking here, you may need to put a traffic light, and the transition may leave unregulated.

That's the way this place looks like now.

People cross the road, risking to get under the car. Drivers do not see people.

Despite the ban, drivers often parked right on going, because they have such an opportunity.


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