Red City five years later

I first visited in Naryan-Mar in 2009, when there have launched a new power plant.
In the five city changed little, in this post will be a few photos as it was and as it became.

80 photos via Marina Lystseva

2. Naryan-Mar in Nenets means red city. And it seems!

3. The city is the administrative center of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Located above the Arctic Circle, at the mouth of the Pechora River. Water way to Arkhangelsk 1097 km, 650 km-air. Absolute minimum temperature -48 ° C (December 1978), the absolute maximum temperature 34 ° C (June 1990). Covers an area of ​​4900 hectares

4. The same power plant, opened in 2009, meets and accompanies us on the way from the airport to the city.

5. During the opening at the 5 years ago.

6. The view from the roof of the power plant.

7.Vid from the bridge over the Pechora in 2009.

8. 5 years. Already less junk on the shore.

9. Sad facades of five years ago.

10. Change the color using fun siding currently

11. High trees in the city is very small, the strongest survive. And the wind blows constantly and worn sand, which is already five minutes for a delicious crunching teeth.

12. Bus Stop. Road in winter sprinkled all the same sand because the reagents at low temperatures do not work.

13. Some barns painted a pretty patriotic.

14. Wake up.

15. Someone once walked well.

16. The central area 5 years ago, looks exactly the same. Is that the trees have grown.

17. Instead of the cap. 2014.

18. 2009. With his grandfather Vova nothing happens.

19. The church complex and Naryan-Mar Mezenskaya diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate.
So the temple of the Epiphany with a bell tower looked in September 2009:

20. June 2014. Behind the buildings grew.


22. Old view of the administration building. Bushes to the right you see? They no longer exist!

23. In their place is now a monument to the Yak-7B.

24. The engine also exposed, well done!

25. Where else have this kind of - plane and the temple?

26. And the city is also carried by yaks. And Rusgidrometovskie.

27. Yak-7B, Yak-42, Hall of Fame and surprised citizen.

28. The pedestrian area five years ago.

29. Now the bushes in the middle of no standing lamps and poles with "hedgehogs" - a light or something?

30. plitochki stacked and placed benches with urns.

31. Benches - a good thing.

32. Most of the locals met us exactly on this pedestrian zone. So people like it.

33. The old post office (1946-1955).

34. Obelisk of Victory in the War of 1941-1945 and the Eternal Flame. Memorial and neighboring beds piled with artificial flowers.

35. Of course, I understand that fresh flowers in Naryan-Mar the day the fire could not be found, but this cheap plastic is still a place in the cemetery, but not in the city center. Looks cheap and vulgar.

36. Cultural and entertainment center "Arctic".


38. Traffic.

39. At the port, 2009.

40. The same place in 2014. The port has become a secret?

41. Berth 2009.

42. By 2014 some water came and bushes grew.

43. Slept someone.

44. Minibuses.

45. 2009

46. ​​2014

47. Town Square between the streets it. G.V.Hatanzeyskogo to them. N.E.Saprygina, and the monument "dockers Naryan-Mar 1941-1945»


49. Complex MRO "Pomeranian Old Believer community of the Temple of St. Nicholas and his chapel. Avvakum. Right now attached Center of MOE.

50. 2009.

51. 2014.

52. The two-storey barracks right is no more.

53. The registry office has not changed, only the house is now completely rebuilt.

54. New.

55. Beach Pechora 2009.

56. Ibid in 2014. While nothing turned green - summer cold everywhere now.

57. Kindergarten.

58. On the street is much more interesting!

59. In 2009, about CYC "Leader" set a tent with several real reindeer.


61. Modern patio of one of the old barracks.


63. And do not forget to cut.

64. In contrast.

65. Previously, almost all of the city consisted of such houses, barracks. Now all gradually demolished and built up with new brick high-rise buildings.

66. garage in the yard.

67. Old and new.

68. Parking. Almost everyone has a personal boat

69. Houses are decorated delicious animals.

70. Another pedestrian zone.

71. Stadium.

72. Accessibility.

73. And a little about the prices. In stall:


75. Prices in the store.

76. half a loaf.

77. Not so much expensive straight. Almost like in Moscow in some expensive Magazev.

78. A buhashku price on an average of less than 5.10%.

79. A general Anadyr to 200.

80. With a bought canned venison 140 re for a jar. Frozen venison 250 p. per kg.

In general, the city is growing and changing for the better. Became more amenities for the residents, but with the advent of the Arctic comprehensive rescue Emergency Center there is a possibility of operational assistance to the population in Naryan-Mar, and in the region


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