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Natalia Metlino
This poem Osip Mandelstam devoted to Stalin, but I want to pull out the first line, paint it on posters and hang at the entrances to all federal and municipal governments. "We live under him not sensing the country ...».
This week raised the salaries of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. There's a principle, not poor people gathered, and I counted on the fingers of those who are not engaged in lobbying, clearly does not fulfill orders of the Kremlin, and is engaged in a purely parliamentary work. It is this rare type of the people's choice is absolutely cut off from the whole system of legislation, therefore, be respected, but very few in number.
Examined in detail the income declarations of Deputies. That no MP - millionaire or hidden millionaire. The most paradoxical that I did not find any similar figures in annual revenue - spread stunning. Perhaps Joseph Davidovich sings and receives royalties from his artistic career, but the singers in the Duma - two of the others sing on a voluntary basis. There are those who are engaged in teaching. This can be. But the rate professors, doctors do not exceed 20 thousand rubles a month, it's at full load, therefore this figure does not affect the total annual income. The only exception is Ilya Ponomarev, who managed well read lectures in Skolkovo for 750 thousand dollars, which, incidentally, is not visible in its declaration, but clearly visible in the materials of the prosecutor's investigation.
At the time, Viktor Ilyukhin, talking about the manners of Parliament turn of the century, noted that most of the deputies did not go to the accounting department for the salary - it was, quote, "zapadlo." And if the United States passed a special law against lobbying, in Russia do not pay lobbyists can be recorded with a guarantee.
This tradition is strong today. Why, for example, the deputy Alexei Chepe come for salary if his annual income of 239 million rubles. Or an example - in early October I needed a deputy Vladimir Gridin (annual income of 40 million rubles). He is in the past - a coal magnate, and I needed was his comment on the story of a miner in Prokopyevsk. We ring. In the Duma, it is not. When will? After November 2nd. Where is he, in the region? No. But where? And what's the difference. I say, I'm sorry, but now every day there is a discussion of bills, voting, vacation ended long ago, and why you can not tell me where MP is a month at my expense? The answer is - I can not tell you this to say. What followed was a long dialogue with the transfer of disease, the Canary Islands and other reasons for the lack in parliament. But the answer I have not followed. And this month the deputy Gridin receive his salary. And in the spring of 2014 it will be 450 thousand rubles.
Moreover, only a conscience or obligations to customers can lead to the hall deputy voting. No they are not caught by the hand, and does not track the presence on the ballot. How many reports do not watch - half-empty stands. Many - sit assistants. And now MPs salary increases to nearly half a million rubles. Most of them live in a service apartment, and they will not cost you anything, flying business class, but now will use only the VIP rooms, uses a company car, lunch in the parliamentary dining room, where prices have remained at the level of the 70-ies of the last century.
And at the same time, the Duma adopts a budget for the coming years, trimmed to basic social articles. Sharply reduced spending on health, education, housing, social housing, questionable maternity capital. And if before MPs could still cast the votes against this genocide, but now they all finally gagged mouths. They will vote for any project that offer top.
In any civilized country of the world there is no such a monstrous gap in wages, as in Russia. Even if we consider that it does not need them. Today deputies joined the untouchable and unreachable. Vladimir Vladimirovich sure that the average salary in the country - 24 thousand. But this is not so.
I now travel a lot. Kemerovo trip opened my eyes to the situation in one of the main sectors of the economy - the coal industry. The salary of a miner in the mine does not exceed 14-15 thousand rubles, and in the spring, when the rise in the salary of deputies, all Prokopevsko mine closed, and the miners will be thrown into the street. Would be able to something in their defense deputy said Gridin, and whether it will be in place at the time when his region will knock helmets.
Workers in factories Nizhegorodchiny - salary up to 18 thousand, and factories are closed. To all this not to see or feel the need to get a big salary.
This fall Duma Rocked divorce. Now MPs - divorced beggars, all that has been earned back-breaking toil, got the second half. And that means that there is nothing to report. It's time to demand higher wages. But all this is happening against the backdrop of total impoverishment of the population, and can not go unnoticed. Ministers are responsible for what is happening in the industry and know how they work.
But it's what the deputies? One of the members of the faction "United Russia" I recently met behind the scenes of the "Let Them Talk", and while we were waiting for the start of the recording, talking about children. His chips are studying in Canada, real estate in Europe, and its future he sees in Russia. At the end of our conversation, he said the sacramental phrase - "This country has no future».
Oh, you bastard, and I still owe you a salary to pay? People with this setting, with this position today I write laws that crooks and thieves go unpunished. It seemed to me that the deputies - a small group of officials, which is a link between the people and the government. But now this thin thread, for which we hold the ball with the word "HD" slipped out of our hands. And the ball flew into the heavens. And now we reach heaven it will be impossible, and from there it our problems will seem altogether microscopic. How can you feel the country ...
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