Temptress Warhol

Dedicated to Liz Taylor

"Factory Girl" - is actually a movie but I'm not about that. Andy is best known as the author of paintings with Monroe and creator of pop art. All these images cans, worship of celebrities and other promotional trash - his creative stamp. But it is interesting to me as a person, it is seeing the world in a special way, in which the "Greta Garbo walked down the aisle with Mickey Mouse." It is through these strange and funny advertising pink-black glasses he looked at the stars, which he loved.

For example, my favorite Monroe. The most famous sex symbol of the twentieth century. He played a major role in all six (yes, six, everything else - does not count), but money on her personality producers continue to make until now. A portrait of Monroe Andy replicate all and sundry. Or Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll, the "black" voice, which still make millions. Or Mao Zedong or ...

Warhol was one of the first authors of celebrity magazines. His magazine was called simply and tastefully «Interview». That he proposed a revolutionary idea - star interviews the stars. Bianca Jagger talks with Calvin Klein, Anjelica Huston with Mae West and so on. Andy had not gone past the cinema, in which he also filmed a star. Five years ago the movie "How David Beckham asleep" - a remake of the film, Andy "Dream».

Fashion, style and luxury - three single item from a list of hobbies Andy Warhol. All his life he continued to paint and create materials for designers, models, stylists and other celebrities. That's it - the glory - and was the one who seduced Andy Warhol and seduced for a lifetime. When Andy died, the newspaper only talked about it. Obituary in the "New York Times" began with the words: "The best work of Warhol - is itself Warhol».

The following people whom Andy painted all his life. So to say the twentieth century in pictures. You can pougadyvat who is who.


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