Sea Gypsies of Borneo

Baggio (Bajau) - an ethnic group living in Malaysia - is a number of interrelated groups of indigenous and tribal peoples from the surrounding areas. Often referred to as "sea gypsies", due to the fact that they are a nomadic people seafarers. Although over time more and more are moving to the land Baggio. However, in some areas, communities of families still continue the nomadic lifestyle, living on the sea without drinking water and electricity and hit the beach only to bury their dead.

Family gathered on the deck of the hut at sunset on February 17 2009. (REUTERS / Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)

Small sea gypsies play in the water among the houses in the Celebes Sea, 17 February 2009. (REUTERS / Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)

The boy from the tribe of sea gypsies rowing a boat through a residential area in the Celebes Sea, Malaysia, February 17 2009. (REUTERS / Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)

Children sit on their boats at the hut their families in the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo 17 February 2009. (REUTERS / Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)


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