Blake Lively

Young and talented, rich and famous (Fu said some banality). It is to this category refers star Blake Lively. The charming blonde has brought to mind no one designer. And really, who can resist a good-natured smile and her golden curls. Let's see who this maiden and from which she came out of the forest.

Here's the dossier appeared in time.

Full Name: Blake Christina Lively.
Date of Birth: August 25, 1987.
Birthplace: Tarzana, California. (In fact, Tarzan - is part of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. So it is not a village girl).
Height: 178 cm.
Eye color: green.
Favorite movie: Pending Gaffmana (that kind of nonsense?)
Favourite meal: cupcakes with powder (ah-ah ... not dietichno) and sweets from Peterbrooke Chocolatier.
Pets: Poodle (maltipu) named Penny (poor Bedzhli ... sorry, maybe).

Blake does not accidentally fell into show business. She grew up in close proximity to the cinema. Her father, actor and director, and my mother agent talent. By the way, Blake has two brothers and two sisters. In a large family it is difficult to be selfish. Perhaps that is why her smile so kind?

Pretty Blake is already in school was a star she was a cheerleader, class president, and even sang in the choir. And she loves to cook and trying to take cooking lessons wherever possible. I remember once she was on the Martha Stewart show, and then its culinary excellence me pretty surprised.

Film debut young Miss Lively made in 10 years, starring in the movie "Sandman." There were a few more films, including "Traveling Pants," but fame has brought beauty series "Gossip Girl."

Another of her "role" - shooting in advertising. And not just in advertising and political video in support of Barack Obama. The active life position - it's good.

By the way, another of its achievement can be attributed to 2009. It was then that she became the youngest woman ever to appear on the cover of American Vogue. It seems that even the Nordic character of Anna Wintour Blake was able to catch.

With the popularity of the movie star of her modeling career also went up. Blake managed poreklamirovat most coveted handbags from Chanel, flaunt in a variety of shoes from Christian Louboutin. More recently, it has become a muse Stella McCartney. Is not it the dream of every professional model?

In his personal life have Blake also fine. Long and discussed the novel with Pen Bedzhli smoothly flowing into the discussion even more romance with Leonardo DiKiprio. Incidentally, this relationship has long been shrouded in obscurity. Maybe Blake was overjoyed, because her children's dreams come true? Yes, once in an interview Blake said that as a child wanted to marry Leo. Hopefully, everything to go.

Blake Lively is very ambiguous personality. Someone says that her talent, like Megan Fox (what does that mean, we all know). Someone thinks that it is not designed to be the face of Chanel. Someone crazy like her good nature and enthusiasm, and someone - long legs.
You know, I like this girl, who can be a naughty girl smiling and fatal beauty. She was waiting for a great future, because such people in Hollywood - a rarity.


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