One-two-three-four-five. How do we scare them?

Britain seems great prospect frightened Arbeiter invasion from the East. The next year, she will have to open the borders for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. And since the inhabitants of these countries and now have an interest in the island, the government of the United Kingdom is preparing something like antireklamnoy company of British realities.
The concept of action is - to collect all the most "creepy" negative and competently to mount it in a solid film with a killer soundtrack and sepulchral comment. However, on the negative from the British seem somewhat distorted view. At least from the standpoint of the target audience. That is, if the film talk about unemployment, nightmarish weather, but at least the last flood and even the most nightmarish colors, this is unlikely to be impressed by people from the south of Europe. Yeah you and me such horrors unlikely to stop. Found something, so to speak.
There is need for more radical methods. I do not know for sure, but if, for example, to puzzle this approach Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, I think that such a creative tandem could be a carve opus, after which the indigenous inhabitants of the islands, and in a panic Rushed to the continent.
So, I think, in the near future inhabitants of Albion will be possible more widely acquainted with fellow Kusturica and Dracula. Scare - this is also a science.


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