Guest marriage

The actress gave a long interview in which openly spoke about her relationship with her husband Vincent Cassel. It turned out in their marriage is not going smoothly, but the husband and wife, somehow manage to negotiate.
Italy's Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel French together for 18 years. During this time, they had two children, but the couple continued to live "guest marriage" (it - in Rome, visiting France on short visits, he - in Paris). In an interview published in the February issue of Vanity Fair Spain, Bellucci spoke very strongly about their relationship with Cassel:
I never interfere in its affairs. We are very independent. We live in different worlds. We have with him is not even common druzey

Monica and Vincent met in 1996 while filming "Apartment" (office romance - a common occurrence). Later Bellucci says: "Between us not ran no spark. And about love at first sight I did not say it was not there. Rather, it was dislike at first sight. I saw Vincent, and I thought, "God, what he is arrogant." After a while, the ice between the sultry Italian and loving Frenchman melted - they have spun a novel.
Since the beginning of our romance I put Vincent condition: everyone has their own life, and it is not necessary to break the boundaries of others

Three years Cassel Bellucci persuaded to marry him. Perhaps the obstinate Italian excuses would be a few more years if Vincent did not get into a car accident.
I've never been obsessed with marriage. The idea of ​​a large house, where everyone returns in the evening, dinner in front of TV and go to bed, I was not tempted. Routine kills passion. If we start with Vincent to miss each other, just buy a plane ticket. Due to the fact that I did not see each other and Vincent for a long time, we just do not have time to quarrel! For me, to be free - the only way to love. We belong to no one: neither our husbands or children. We can only something to share with people who love

Even the birth of two children, it seems, has not united the couple. Monica and Vincent still "live in different worlds." The truth soon they both move to live in Brazil - the couple plan to leave Paris. Naturally, the media immediately linked the actors move with the increase of the tax "the rich" in France to 75%, but the Italian actress says that change of residence has nothing to do with this.
My house is near the beach, it absorbs the energy of the sea. Anywhere in the world has its problems, but I like the way you feel about her - with poetry


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