The war between Audi and BMW does not stop

The last outbreak in the advertising war between manufacturers of machines took place in 2007. We talked about it here. But! It was not the last ...

Earlier this year, on the Avenue Santa Monica in Southern California appeared billboard Audi A4 with a defiant slogan «Your move, BMW» / «Your move, BMW».
And how they reacted in a BMW? Look further!

April 10 creative forces Agency Juggernaut Advertising, BMW retaliated crushing blow: right in front of the billboard Audi on the opposite side of the avenue appeared billboard BMW M3 with the slogan «Checkmate» / Mat.

"Avenue Santa Monica is a kind of corridor between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica with a high degree of intensity of traffic - the representative Santa Monica BMW Del Montell, Jr. - Seeing a billboard calling Audi we just could not take advantage of the unique geographical location and take the challenge ».


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