Good deeds (26 photos)

It is necessary to do good and help others in the world and so full of evil.
Think about it and do something good.
Someone needs your support.

1. Salvation kitten during the war. Despite all the horrors of war, the soldiers took the time to feed a kitten from a pipette.

2. Someone decided to do something nice for a stranger and leave the change in the machine to buy sweets.

3. This guy ran to the mailbox strangers and left ... but soon returned with the tools to fix it.

4. Afghan offers tea to American soldiers. Note the second cup in his hand, and on a second soldier in the background.

5. Thousands of people were left without power after Hurricane Sandy. Some strangers were allowed to charge their phones so they could call relatives and say that they were all right.

6. Fans enable its confined to a wheelchair to a friend to see the concert of «Korn» in Moscow.

7. A resident of the village saves kittens in a basket during the floods on the outskirts of Cuttack. Mom follows the cubs.

8. Caring parents (on behalf of their newborn children) apologized for any inconvenience other passengers of the aircraft on which they were flying. They offered all dissatisfied approach them to get candy and earplugs.

9. Someone found the iPhone in the grass and distribute ads across the district. Owner found.

10. Cyclists save the koala from thirst.

11. On that day in Australia was 40 degrees.

12. A dry cleaning service offered to the unemployed free clean their suits in case they had to go to a job interview.

13. Star of racetracks in Ohio helps his leg tucked opponent to cross the finish line.

14. The man risked his life to save a kangaroo during the floods in Queensland.

15. One girl (3, 5 years) sent to the company «Sainsbury's» proposal to rename the "tiger bread" in «Giraffe bread" (this is a local variety of baking).

16. The company sent her an official response would be happy to change the name. And he kept his promise.

17. Free lunches for the homeless.

18. Man saves puppies from an abandoned house in a flood in Manila.

19. Fire provides oxygen rescued from a burning house kitten.

20. Brave guys are saving lamb.

21. Norwegians risked their lives to rescue fallen into the water lamb.

22. And saved!

23. New York police officer gave the shoes to the homeless.

24. A man found a wallet in a rented car and sent it in the mail owner.

25. Marines shelter puppy.

26. Experienced parents help advice and support of a young couple with a child, which they saw in the cafe. "I would like to offer you to nurse a child while you dine, but my husband said it was too intrusive. So we decided to pay for your lunch. Holte their child - we have teenage kids, we know what lies ahead, so enjoy your baby while you can ».



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