Doing good deeds is always nice

Friends, never stop doing good, no matter whether know the people around you, that the good deed done is you. I invite you to remember the most moving actions this year, which is really worthy of respect.

Superheroes wash windows orphanage

Service Company of the US state of Pennsylvania has chosen a very original and touching way to wash windows in the children's home in Pittsburgh. Employees who descended from the roof to the floor to floor, were dressed in costumes of superheroes - Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Captain America.

Welcome on the road

It is no secret that the Internet is full of all kinds of videos about Russia in the category of "trash" our, fellow citizens fighting, lawlessness on the roads and other attributes of the everyday life of Russians, filmed on video recorders. But Arkady Moryahin from Alma-Ata decided to show that Russia is not only reckless driving, but the people who do good deeds and help each other just like at any time.

Billionaire billion without

Renowned author JK Rowling has lost the status of billionaire since spent so much money to charity. This is the first such case in the history of Forbes.

Firefighter rescued kitten

The real case that occurred in the American town of Fresno, make your heart beat faster. Normal fire Corey Kalanik conducted checks in a smoky room after the fire, when I saw this little ball of fur, no signs of life.

San Francisco has become a city of Batman

12 thousand residents of the city to fulfill the dream of five Miles Scott. Representation organized a charitable foundation Make a Wish, engaged in the execution of the desires of terminally ill children. The fact that the boy was ill with leukemia. He is undergoing treatment for several years and is now in remission.

Heroes as they are

The names of these people, you can not read in the credits of the famous blockbuster, and even, perhaps never see their faces. However, the things that they have done, make them real heroes.

Grandpa Dobri

98-year-old beggar, the grandfather of the Bulgarian village of Dobri Bail, wearing homespun clothes and old leather shoes are often standing at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. Every day he gets up early and goes 10 kilometers from his home to the capital. In 2010, during the filming of a documentary about the cathedral, the Bulgarian TV journalist did in the archives of the Church of shocking discovery - the most generous private donation ever to receive Cathedral - 40 000 euro was made the old beggar - grandfather Dobri.
98-year-old holy does not concern a single penny of the money, which he served. He lives on a pension of 100 euros per month, as well as non-cash handouts in the form of fruits and breads. Grandfather helping Dobri and many others, for example, he paid the utility bills of the orphanage, were on the verge of shutdown of heat and light. It also helps the homeless. But what about all the good deeds of his grandfather Dobri we'll never know, because he never speaks about them.

Farewell to the football fan

Auburn Mark was one of the most famous Dutch fans. In the early 2000s, he managed to unite the warring factions of fans "Feyenoord." Before the start of preparations for the new season came the sad news - Auburn Mark terminally ill. Physicians dosed his best month in the worst - week. In just a few days for the Red brand, bolevshego for "Feyenoord" over 41, it has been arranged an unforgettable event.

Good grandmother

A resident of Magadan Rufina Ivanovna Korobeinikova linked and donated to victims of floods in Khabarovsk, three hundred pairs of warm socks.

Shelters stranger

In October, the photo of a young guy who sleeps on the shoulder of a stranger on the subway passenger, spread around the western Internet. Inspired by this touching act, charity Charidy decided to conduct the experiment in the subway in New York. Hero video over an hour portrayed fatigue, falling asleep on the shoulders of passengers seated next to. At first, the passengers waved away, but then ...

Homeless returned purse

"Today, having left the house early in the morning to avoid traffic jams, I went for my mother, to then together go to the country. By bringing all of its most beloved together, I was ready to go to the country, when I discovered that the missing purse with all the documents on the machine, human, cards, passport - in short, all life had disappeared. In desperation, he returned home and suddenly my door rang a stranger. At first glance - the usual homeless, but with clear kind eyes. He greeted me, introduced himself and after the phrase "you probably lost their feet ..." handed me my purse. Dumb. I start shaking hands rummaging in my purse and I understand that everything is in place, and even money! My husband immediately handed him the money, which he refused! You see, a man of no fixed abode found the wallet on the road, got into the train, then the subway, then bus, an hour proiskal my house, just to help. He left, and we stood for a long time and thought about it just a man with a capital letter! "Irina Demidova.

Lesson joy of life at the gas station

Usual American couple who came to the gas station, gave us all a stunning and unexpected lesson for ourselves the joy of life. Will - the bartender, Monifa - fitness coach, they were married for 12 years. Simple, fun, open-minded people who truly love each other, and the life, who know how to enjoy every moment, even if such unexpected. Instead shy and modest, they were given a fantastically funny, kind and touching show near his car, having won first presenter and viewers, and then the entire Internet.


51-year-old Serb from Belgrade Renato Grbic, a restaurant owner near the bridge over the Danube, in the last 15 years, rescued 25 people who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. After Renato pulled from the water first suicide, his small motor boat is always ready. "As long as I'm working, always watching the bridge - I just can not turn away from those who have decided to voluntarily withdraw from life," - says Renato. Seven years ago, in mid-January, he pulled out of the water 18-year-old girl. It turned out that she lives in the neighborhood. Now she comes every year in his restaurant to celebrate his birthday. A couple of years later invited him to the wedding. "Every time I see her, my heart beats stronger," - says lifeguard.

Kindness in Russian

Good Neighbor

"My husband and I also met a very kind person. Last winter, during a cyclone Javier when all roads and yards covered with snow on the tops of cars, our car is also quite covered with snow. Shovels was not at home, in shops, too, all sold out, we have collected all that was more or less digging home leave, as our car is currently dug and rovnenko path to the exit. A janitor at a note ยป.



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