Quiz: Your money heavy or light?

Any thing people can subconsciously perceive as "light" or "heavy", "light" or "dark" and so on. Thirty years ago scientists conducted a study of how people unconsciously perceive the letters of our alphabet. They were asked to rate on a 10-point scale "weight" of each letter on the scale of easy-hard, light-dark, cheerful – gloomy, etc.

In the end it turned out that MOST people unconsciously perceive the letter "a" as an easy, light, fun. And the letter "u" as a heavy, dark, harsh. But the letters add up to words and phrases. That is, if you count the "weight" of the word at different scales, based on the "weight" of each incoming word in letters, we get very interesting results. For example, a computer, producing these calculations, given that the word "swallow" has high indicators on scales "light", "light", "joyful". And the word "tractor" he showed that the word "heavy", "dark", "dark". That's why people unconsciously avoid certain words, and even displace them from the market (for example, the word "stewardess" is perceived significantly more positive than the word "stewardess")

There on a lot of different experiments was still. For example, poems of A. Pushkin, almost all "light" and "light". And other poets of the indicators was weak. So, Pushkin somehow intuitively find their poems are the words that we perceive positively and read with pleasure. And other fans to pee poetry or prose can't find the words. As a result of the fans is considerably less.

By results of researches was made a computer program that allows you to evaluate different texts – how are people going to perceive them (not remember the name). That is entered into the program your advertising, and it gives that "heavy", "dark" or something like that. A lot of you people will be attracted by such advertising?

But what does all this have to do with the money? The most direct.

These studies have shown that we unconsciously evaluate any situation on the scale of "easy-heavy", "good-evil" and so on. We do not declare, and not even realize it. But if we ask, then we will issue your assessment. Although, if you think about it, we quite often assess different situations and people, based on their inner feelings.

Hence, we, too, can appreciate. But there could be two scores.

The first is when we evaluate the word "money" just as the letters "d", "e" and so on. Without content that have money in our lives. That is, for a computer "money" are likely to be "good" and "light". Bright letters "a" and "and" a little heavy and dark "h" and "u", so the whole word is neutral and rather positive than negative.

The second assessment is when we assess how we relate to the fact that in human society is called "money". We know how they come. What we have to do, so they came to us. How much effort and energy must be applied to they were sufficient. What we feel when they are not enough, and so on.

That is, each of us has some attitudes that we call "money".

Let's have a little test that you "pulled" from his attitude towards money.

TEST For this you will need to place conditional on 10 point scales, indicate your attitude to money. Scales are 10-point double-sided, with opposite values. You will need to listen to yourself (it is strictly forbidden to think about this!) and mark, what is the importance of money in your reality.

For example, the scale of "evil-good". "Evil" is 10 points, "good" – 1 point.

Good ____________________________________________ Evil

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

If you feel that you have more money, "good", then mark them with the value of 4, 3 or even 1(very good). If they connected a lot of trouble in your life, then they are likely "angry", and you mark a point 6, 8 or 10 points (very evil, disgusting, gives a lot of trouble).

And so on. Of course, it is better to perform this test, you print the scale on paper, but you can do the image on the screen.

It is IMPORTANT that you just wrote down came to mind the value for each scale on a piece of paper –be paper and pen right now! Then your feelings will pass, you turn your Mind and will try to "calculate" how many "weigh" money for each scale – this is the wrong test result. We need your first spontaneous evaluation.

Do not try to give "correct" answers – it does not work with affirmations, this is a test to identify your TRUE relationship to money. If you own deliberate actions priukrasit your true relationship, you just don't get the result, which then can work.

You will need to assess your attitude to money in the following 10-point scales, and immediately record the value on paper. Write down the first thing that comes to mind, don't try to think and evaluate. So, the money for you some more:

1ball 10 points

Good __________________________________________________ Evil

Fun _______________________________________________ Gloomy

Light _________________________________________________Heavy

Light _______________________________________________ Dark


Stimulating _____________________________________Overwhelming

Useful______________________________________________ Harmful

Collective ______________________________________ Selfish

Peaceful ______________________________________ Aggressive

Approaching __________________________________ Elusive

Now fold all recorded numbers and divide by 10 (number of scales), in the end we get the average rating of your relationship to money.

Well, if you get a number less than 5. This means that the relationship with money you have good. And they (the money), or you have sufficient, and get you fairly easily. Or not, but you are absolutely not worried about this, because in life, there are many other interesting things.

Worse, if you get a number greater than 5, and the closer to 10, the situation is more complicated. Each has its own set of hidden beliefs.

Together they can form a General feeling of heaviness, hopelessness, chronic stress, and so on. It turns out that our conscious aim, that is money, on a subconscious level is perceived as a huge ball of trouble. How far we can go if our goal is creating us in life is not freedom and joy, and heaviness, tension, sadness and similar feelings. Quickly whether we will go to the goal, which is so unwelcome to us?

Moreover, different business Gurus have taught us that to achieve success it is necessary to increase their responsibility (i.e., internal stress), the will (that is, to be willing to overcome the inevitable trouble), persistence (i.e. the ability to demolish everything in its path, regardless of the interests of other people) and so on. They (the Church) have passed this difficult path, and now im bored alone, so they call for to go on this path many people. Many take this path, but, having accumulated a pile of internal problems and not being able to get rid of them, stop. And add another frustrated from this forced stop. That is giving yourself even more.

It is clear that someone manages to move forward and slightly increase your income. Very rarely — increase it significantly. For example, in multilevel marketing come from the network and intends to achieve large success of people actually manage to do it one of 150-200 people. All the rest stuck on the lower rungs of the career ladder – their hidden beliefs and the accumulated emotional and other blocks are not allowed on.

Does this mean that such a difficult path to the money only right? Way when you are carrying a load of unpleasant sensations and memories about money will still go ahead. It seems that there is.

In the world there is ALWAYS a multitude of ways. Just those people who have learned to attract money without stress, not strain and do not call anybody else. Why strain, live easy! The other did not work? So let them work on themselves! Let everyone live the life he has created for himself.

Is it possible to get into the community those carefree and happy life of the people, carrying a cargo of memories and sensations? The answer is obvious: you can become carefree and happy life. Do it right now. Not when there will be a lot of money – it's a wonderful moment may never come.

And then from a state of lightness and joy from the beautiful life to move towards the goals, which you will set. Including to money.

The idea did not seem new, but no one is working on increasing revenues that way. All taught that the money gets through the struggle, overcoming, perseverance and so on. How to stop stop on the way to increase your financial flow? The conclusion is obvious.

Need to pull themselves out of everything that creates a sense of gravity and despair of owning money. Pull – means to be cleansed from the buildup of internal clamps, emotional blocks, negative beliefs and other brakes.

And then, on a clean pad, put the pleasure and inner appreciation of life for its a great device. And your current state, whatever it may be in comparison with other people. And already in a state of floating to see where you direct your efforts to come to the desired result. From this state, from the top, always visible shortcuts to your goals.

Is first internal, then external path from HARD money to EASY, enjoyable and brings true joy.

Are you ready to go on this path? Then go for it! published

Author: Alexander Sviyash


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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