Chess soul. How to change EVERYTHING in your life?

Two years ago, my life changed dramatically. A series of amazing events led me to the reception to regressao. The query that I went to the reception, was very trivial — what my life and what I do in life? I have limited the range of possible classes of two — either to continue his career as a lawyer, or to try themselves in business. Actually, to resolve this dilemma I went to the session. However, what I learned that day shattered my rigid ideas about who I am and what I need to do in my life.

If You do not know, regressao are specialists that help people to immerse in the recollection of past lives, with the help received during the session knowledge to make your present life a more conscious and harmonious. For example, it may be knowledge of the karmic task is not completed in past lives, the lessons will take place again in this life.

Special attention in that session was focused on the dying memories of a past life. And it's quite logical. As You already know from the Tibetan book of life and death, how we die largely determines our next incarnation. Consequently, remembering the circumstances of his last death (as it happened, what were the dying thoughts and desires), you can get an idea about "what we left and what we have to work with in this life. The idea is this: we continue the path to follow for many, many lifetimes and in this life we can only continue what we started earlier.

As You know, the basis of regrestorekey (the science of past lives) is the concept of reincarnation. Of course, we've all heard about reincarnation — the theory that we do not disappear with the death of our physical body and be reborn in a new body again and again, changing the physical shell just like we change clothes. Before the session I heard about reincarnation and was interested in this topic, but does it matter? It is one thing to perceive this speculative concept on an intellectual level and quite another — on the experience to make sure that "something is".

Transformation in human consciousness occurs when he is in his experience, sees evidence that this life is our journey not the end. I think the criterion, how we really, deeply imbued with the idea of reincarnation, this is how we make decisions. Here remember your important life decisions — taking the decisions, You proceeded from the fact that You have only this one life or that there is still a lot of lives? Now, the session allowed me to look at life from the perspective of eternity and to make an important decision for me is to quit his career as a lawyer and do something useful — it is the basis of this new perspective.

In my opinion, it is the awareness of the reality of rebirth and the remembrance of their past incarnations opens our eyes to the true purpose in the broadest sense — as human beings on this Earth.

How to change everything in my life? The agenda of the modern world is based on the belief that we have only one life — it defines our priorities, values and goals in life.

  • "Take everything from life",
  • "After us the deluge",
  • "Now or never".
Awareness of yourself as an immortal soul, wandering from one human life to another, completely changes our perception of life. We as human beings are able to perceive life on different levels of consciousness.

The first level is the world as we are accustomed to experience through the senses. On the first level of consciousness we are fully identified with their feelings. At this level we weep and laugh, rejoice and suffer, to earn and lose find love and break up, raise children, fight, accept, build and plant, afraid, worried, sick, age and die. We do not question the reality of the situation. To the question "Who am I?" we have a ready answer — name, gender, nationality, profession, education, family, religion, the possession of certain things. At this level we feel a separation from others.

But we are also available and a different level of consciousness — spiritual, which opens a completely different perspective of our lives. Let's call it the spiritual dimension of life. Of course, opening the "third eye" is a metaphor. It's just a symbol, signifying the awakening of the spiritual vision of life.

It turns out that we are able to observe what is happening to us. A world that seemed so real, upon closer examination, more like a dream. If we used, as in hypnosis, watching a movie in 5d cinema, fully identifying himself with the game of the main actor, but now we notice that we can play in the film, but at the same time to watch the game on the part of an indifferent spectator. We realize that this is not the first film that we watch, and most likely, not the last.

So is dis-identification with the romance of his life. At this level of consciousness we have the prospect of a clear view of what is happening with us events from the height of bird flight. The opportunity to see life from the perspective of eternity, not decades, left us in the current incarnation reveals to us a new VISION. Now everything in life takes on new meaning and depth. We begin to realize what is our true work here. What each of us were back on Earth in a human body. [Hint: no, not to take three points in a mortgage!]

It's like a double play. One takes place here on Earth and one in eternity. Imagine You're playing chess, where each move means much more than moving pieces on the Board.

Yes, we all strive to win the earth Board is to hold a good combination to checkmate. Money, a prestigious job, social success, etc. — all measurement of the earth's chess. However, on a deeper level there is another battle: the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. Imagine that each of the pieces on the chess Board come up laser beams piercing the entire universe, they are projected on the inner screen of our soul: each figure is at this level that means something quite different: anger, jealousy, envy, trust, love, compassion.

Achievements in the outside world at this level is not so important. And important the choices we make and how we have time to study (more on this below).

So, as you move the pieces on the Board (performing some action in life), we are fighting in two dimensions simultaneously.

And not always win "here means a win there." The victory is often on earth the Board can be defeat in an invisible game.

It's amazing how thin it is passed Russian Proverbs and sayings:

  • Nothing that the shoulders closely, if only the soul was free.
  • Although the purse was empty, the soul is pure.
  • Walk, dance — do not kill the soul.
  • The body loves the soul rude.
  • The soul of porridge not lure.

While modern society is focused on how to win here on Earth. At any cost.

If You want to succeed in this world, we can offer a whole industry for the training game earth chess schools, institutions, tutorials and self-study guides, a detailed analysis of the winning combinations: how to earn? how to build a career? how to profitably invest? how to catch it? etc.

To win on earth the Board is not so hard, much harder not to get the baby Mat on the domestic battlefield.

Chess desiecle with a victory in the earthly game of chess is more or less clear, what means the victory in the metaphysical chess?

Guides to spiritual chess over the centuries have accumulated not so much, among the recognized classic self-help books: Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Koran.

For me, winning the invisible game, which each of us leads is the successful completion of the study.

Agree, we are all here to learn.

In this life we all go through different lessons — we are all at different stages of learning and everyone has their own unique karmic path, but the lessons are all one — to learn to love.

To love unconditionally, infinitely, as the Creator loves us.

It turns out that it is so hard! We do not comprehend this science in one life, perhaps even in a dozen lifetimes.

Yes, and there's no hurry. Moreover, the lessons are so fascinating that we often choose to pass the same lesson many lives in a row.

We are all students of one Institute "Universal Love", just someone who is still a freshman in College, someone has already defended his thesis.

The last Millennium continued popularity with students of our University are such workshops as jealousy and love, fear and trust, freedom and responsibility, money sense, selfishness and service, loyalty and betrayal, faith and doubt, suffering and purification.

Each of us has a curriculum schedule to this embodiment of the carefully composed individually for each of us given our performance and the unique karmic path. There are plenty to choose — Dean's office carefully offers us the opportunity to go through hundreds of engaging lessons and activities, so each of us will suffice not on one hundred lives will not be bored! :)

Watching your life from this perspective, you begin more clearly to understand what lessons your soul must pass in this embodiment:

  • What will work this time?
  • What prevents me from loving unconditionally?
  • What temptations take me out of the way?
  • What traps I fall again and again?

When you realize that not every lesson learned we'll have to repeat again and again, inheriting it from one life to the next, success on the domestic front become more important than the external. And your lessons seem to be the most difficult. We are afraid to live your life and follow your own unique path, but the Gita warns us:

"Better bad accomplishes your Dharma than in another's to succeed: the way of another threat, the grim Reaper is on its way — good." Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Sloka 35)

Why imperfect pass their lessons than the "good strangers? Because worthless for the student to go back to first grade. Putting the Mat on someone else's chessboard, we capitulorum on their own.

Therefore, it is his work we accomplish, no matter how difficult it may be.

Our teacher is other people, as well as various life situations in which we find ourselves. Teachers come in thousands of different shapes and forms, but it should not mislead — the variety of external space logic shines through. If you watch "the root", the lesson is always the same. Love.published

Author Igor Budnikov




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