Waffles from childhood

 - 5-6 eggs
 - 1 st.sahara
 - Sachet of vanilla sugar
 - 1st Class + 1/4 cup flour
 - 200 g of butter / margarine
 - Article 2.1. milk
 - Bank of condensed milk


In the vessel to melt 200 g butter, do not boil separately beat 5-6 eggs with a cup of sugar and a packet of vanilla sugar, mix with oil. Then gradually add the flour and cold milk. Knead the dough well.
Preheat waffle iron. Lubricate maslom.Vylit dough on the bottom surface (1-2 tablespoon). Cover the top surface and lightly press, take out after 2 minutes. Hot waffles quickly roll into a tube so that the inside of the lumen was to fill her cream / condensed milk

Waffles are ready now to enjoy the taste of childhood


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